play list for my Hijack...
2005-05-14 01:10:11 ET

Thanks for the people who tuned in... hope to see you all on tuesday as well.

2005-05-14 01:24:30 ET

you do realize we're not supposed to play more than 3 songs of the same artist or album (at least for our normal shows)...also, how the hell did u capture it as a pic?

2005-05-14 03:31:58 ET

I would assume a screen shot...

2005-05-14 12:22:14 ET

yup, good thing it wasn't my normal show.
Though, I think syko overrides that rule with one her shows as well...

and yes, it's a screenshot of my winamp playlist.

2005-05-14 13:42:53 ET

i figured it was a screenshot, just how the hell do u capture one? i forgot the name of the software to do so.

2005-05-14 13:45:04 ET

The print screen button on the left of the scroll lock, then paste it into a paint program.

2005-05-14 21:42:50 ET

well i'll be damned.

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