2005-05-14 23:55:08 ET

Playlist for this afternoon's Hijack....

2005-05-15 04:42:59 ET

why don't you just have Winamp just generate the playlist instead of posting an image? :P

2005-05-15 13:10:53 ET

Maybe some people like having an image, vasa. >: O

2005-05-15 13:44:23 ET

Because I like pictures....

If it's a problem, I could just post the text...

2005-05-15 14:49:06 ET

haha, well no I jus think it's more work for you :P

2005-05-15 21:22:41 ET

nah, takes me like 2 mins.

2005-05-16 04:31:55 ET

are you posting your playlists in the forum as well? Those are linked to the profile on the website and they get posted on our Myspace blog.

2005-05-16 07:04:21 ET

Maybe he likes hyping himself as much as possible, vasa. >: O

2005-05-16 12:36:06 ET


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