Silly comic i did
2005-08-24 00:39:21 ET

haha, this is so lame, i made a silly comic when i was bored yesterday outta random scraps and crap i found around my house. Tala Marie told me to draw some stupid doll and a rat... so i did.

anyways, here it is... kinda big picture

2005-08-24 04:56:06 ET

haha, its cute!

2005-08-24 06:24:54 ET

Thats pretty good there dude. I love your sets bytheway. I didn't really know it was you doing it. Good work.

2005-08-25 17:36:44 ET

i like it alot.

2005-08-27 07:15:45 ET

you ate my rat! if you know what i mean ;)

2005-08-28 15:16:50 ET


thanks for the coments guys, glad you enjoyed... if y ou know what i mean;)

2005-08-28 15:17:23 ET

is it something about a purple anaconda if you know what i mean?

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