Lost my kitty...
2005-10-17 20:36:39 ET

Well, I got a new kitty today, and had it in the house for like 15 mins, and it went missing. :(

i've looked EVERYWHERE in the house, and i can't find it... i'm homing it just got scared and is hiding somewhere... otherwise it may have got outside some how and may be reeeeally lost.

friggin' bummed... it was grey and really really cute.

Also, I got a Throbbing Gristle patch the otherday, the guy i bought it off of sent it in a card (so it didn't get bent), but it was some jesus card with the madonna and child on it, blabing about jesus and christmas.
But it was really fucking bizzare getting a TG patch in the mail with it.
the patch has since been sewn on to my jacket.

Jacket + Patch


Inside of jesus-card

gots lots of hw and crap i should be doing....but i'm not.
maybe i should go do that...

2005-10-17 21:04:21 ET

It ran away because it hates you. >:O

2005-10-17 21:11:11 ET

actually i just found it. it was under the stove, and what gave it away was when i turned the stove on to make food and it started meowing.


2005-10-17 21:17:31 ET

Where did you get the patch?

2005-10-18 00:55:33 ET

cats generally disappear when u first bring them home. they need to explore their surroundings.

Also, i'm try to get the station a copy of Glitch Mode Records (Cyanotic's label) new Dark Sonus Compilation.

2005-10-18 06:53:02 ET

kitty + hot oven = potential throbbing kitty gristle

Glad you found said kitty (does it have a name yet?)

2005-10-18 16:44:39 ET

no name

here's the kat:

playing with string in my roomate's room

2005-10-18 22:55:40 ET


2005-10-18 23:21:39 ET

So CUTE.It would make a great football.

2005-10-18 23:22:40 ET

Or weapon.

2005-10-19 06:06:30 ET

you must call it... GENESIS!!! or P'ORRIDGE! WOO!

2005-11-02 15:53:57 ET

would you expect a TG patch to come in anything less?

2005-12-08 17:19:50 ET

so beautiful.

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