2003-07-23 15:38:18 ET

I stole some film recently and I've been trying to take more pictures. I have few photos which represent me in my current mode.

Lately, I've been wholly reliant on others to provide my body and mind with vital energy. Independentely, I find myself unable to conjure any motivation to procreate art or culture myself with literature. Or cook good food. I'm slumpy.

What a bullshit post. I'm gonna throw some pictures up right now.

I love Kiam 77. His shit looks like a super-intricate gravitational-levitation freeway system. It's so clean. It looks like its warped on LSD, in a really good way.

Anyways, I'z gots to be out to the LBC. Peace.

2003-07-27 19:33:41 ET

those are awesome

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