without reason...
2003-07-27 22:05:49 ET

"Get up a-get--get-get-down, 9-1-1 is a joke in yo town!"

I was at the market place a couple minutes ago (1.5 hours, approx.). I was waiting for my main man Josh whilst he busied his ass with pickin' up some bud (marijuana). I bought a six-pack, drank a few as I waited (liesured)...(with sunglasses, no less), and had myself some thoughts...

What the fuck do I give about law anymore? How is it that these muthafuckin' politicians tromp around with their rich-ass-cunts disobeying every stature of the constitution? Does anyone really believe that they actually OBEY the law? California is on the brink of absolute choas. These muthafuckin politicians can't keep their cock in their pants, know what I mean? They hella-phallic, and they don't give a mad fuck about anything but.

So, as a member of the 'lower-class,' I pledge that I don't pledge allegiance to anything 'under God.' I believe it is now my duty to find ways to break any allegiance, as a true sign of "patriotism." It is far-more patriotic to break the law nowadays, and that's fucked-up.

Oh...so yeah, my boy and his homeboy shot up heroin in my living room. Yeah...it was kinda crazy, but after everything transpired, it was all good. So now it's like, I kninda wanna shoot up. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.........Disgusting, eh?

I've done most drugs, but never intravaneous heroin. Laced exstacy, yeah (of course), but strait mainline? Never. So yeah, I'm curious. Mexico is only 2 hours away, and I idolize William Burroughs (not to mention 'Trainspotting' is my favorite movie), so yeah...I kinda have a fascination.

That's me as-of-late. Peace to all of you! I mean that.

...(so now it comes down to me.)

2003-07-27 23:37:08 ET

:( Please don't do heroin.

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