2003-08-13 07:32:11 ET

(Yo, there were pictures here, but I felt really wierd displaying them like so, so I took them off. I'm shorry if this offends anybody's body)

Yo...a co-worker has got me totally saying "thurr" and "hurrr," all 'cause that one fucking Chingy song! Thank God for Chingy! Thank God for Nelly! Thank God for St. Lunatics! I mean, without Chingy and Nelly, who would keep the party Crunk? I mean, seriously...who'd be up in the club splashing nude female bodies with the crizz? Seriously, I mean, you know...

"it's gettin' hot in here, so take off all your clothes!" -Nelly.

I mean, I've never EVER been to a club that didn't have fly-ass bitches dancing on table-tops pouring beer and champagne all over themselves. Yo, I walk into a club smoking a spliff, and you damn right I expect to see some bitch-ass immediately. No time to waste...just show me the naked ladies spilling alcoholic beverages all over themselves! If I need anything else, I'll holla at you!

Whoa...I need to go to bed! I'm talking complete nonesense (though I do hope there is at least one of you that can understand and relate to what I'm sayin...)

Wait...should I go to bed? Uh-oh! The limbo-stage! "Should I just say 'fuck it' and stay up all day long, or should I pop a Xanax and pass out in 20 minutes?" Decisions.

Peace y'all.

2003-08-13 22:00:15 ET

Yay for pictures! She is pretty PRETTY!
Catch phrase...
Say, "I've been noticin' you noticin' me noticin' you." Hahahaha; that's GOT to be the worst one ever. Or just make sure you always have a martini and when she looks at you and says "What?" You just raise one eyebrow and then raise the glass, like that scene in Dirty Rotten Scoudrals.

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