God, Daniel just goes on and on and on! SHUT THE FUCK UP!
2003-10-27 12:14:58 ET


I have a wonderful sun-burnt face right now.

It's a very interesting climate right now in Southern California for it is raining ash everywhere. An orange-brown haze is in the air, and air-quality is probably about 175% worse than it already is. Like, I see people with bandannas over their mouths (like the wild west) and think, "damn, I need to get in on some of that!" (I love wearing bandannas all cowboy/gang banger...it makes me feel like a mad muthafucka!)

No, for real, I've been kinda into it. Me and Josh spent all day at Venice Beach yesterday, and it was fresh-as-fuck. Good vibes. Venice has this refreshing quality, even when it rains ash like the holocaust. "THAT'S NOT FUNNY!" Good, 'cause I didn't mean it to be funny.

It looks like God was smoking a blunt and accidently spilled his ash tray on So Cal. Actually, I think that's how the enormous fire in San bernardino County got started in the first place...God was passing out and dropped his blunt (and subsequently, spilled his ash-tray). Sucks for them! Just glad I'm no where near that place, but hey, that's how I feel EVERYDAY!

People who watch the news are all alarmed that the whole area's on fire. What do they expect? IT'S HELL IN SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY!!! It's dry, it's ghetto, it's fucked-up looking, and the people are either scary 'cause they might hurt you, or scary 'cause they might call the cops on you. Paranoia-villa!

I'm kinda concerned for my family, but this type of shit happens every year. Last year the Cajon Pass turned into the Highway-of-Fire, which actually leads directly to the very heart of hell: VICTORVILLE!

"Yes yes, I know...'what an honor to be raised in hell' right? Well, it wasn't all debauchary and torture you know...there was also other things like meth and unemployment and really bad radio stations."

WHAT THE FUCK IS MY TRIP TODAY? I'm not in a bad mood or anything, and yet all this angsty painful-memory type shit keeps poppin' up. OKAY, let me tapper this off here...

Hey, I'm doing better. I'm trying not to let myself get the best of me. Money is working itself out, or so I'm trying to convince myself. The lady friend and I have come to a peaceful stalemate, which is better than having a civil war. It's still bullshit, but whatever. I'm not tripping.

I'm looking for a new place to live. In fact, I need to call some peeps and see what exactly I need (credit, rental history, etc) in order to qualify. I'm excited about this move. I'm trying to actualize what I want to happen by taking steps leading to a desirable outcome.

My mind's getting back into shape. I'm getting thristy, know what I mean? Need to quinch that muthafucka.


2003-10-27 12:33:16 ET

LMAO!! fuck that comic is so hilarious.

2003-10-27 13:09:44 ET

Not having good radio-stations makes me angry.

2003-10-27 14:10:42 ET

Which one? The homeless one?

I kinda wanna make copies of the homeless comics and post it at bus-stops. You know, just something to read and entertain yourself with whilst waiting for thine bus. I think art can really have an effect in places like bus-stops, where hundreds of people stand around daily, milling about, looking at their shoes. That's where the visual art should be. I appreciate museums, but there should be more art in the public eye, and not just corporate-sponsered art.

Radio is a sad thing soon to be eliminated by digital satelite broadcasting. I hope when that happens, FM radio will be free and unlimited.

2003-10-27 14:23:52 ET

Free and unlimited FM radio. Sounds good to me.

2003-10-27 21:50:56 ET

yes. the homeless one. i say DO IT. that would be awesome. just go to kinkos and make a bunch of copies. have you ever seen that strip called rehabilitating mr. wiggles? your style kinda reminds me of his (http://www.neilswaab.com)

2003-11-01 10:58:14 ET

unfortunately, even most of Van Gogh's ugly-as-hell shits needs a nice can. I wish one day my shit will have a nice can too.

unfortunately, my kinda art don't sit well in bus shelters, despite I agree to most of what you say. You can try slipping that between tavern menus, then bums will see the comic.

2003-11-03 02:58:35 ET

I was talking to my breother yesterday (he lives in the Bay Area) and he told me this town he lived in for a while that I lived in with him and his wife for about a month, Vista, is like gone. I can't even believe it; whata fucking massive fire.
Don't you get scorched now, Mr. De!
I'm glad to hear somewhat of a cease-fire has occurred in your homestead; man-o-man do I ever know what it's liek to live with persons/people who make ones living situation mini-war. Fuuuuck that, I says.
Oh, and if So Cal gets too scorchy and irritating, come to New York City! Yay!

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