Some stuff I was inspired by
2003-11-05 20:25:09 ET

I framed some a picture from this artist today at my job. His name is Jason Brooks. I'm totally inspired by his style. He uses Illustrator in exactly the way I've always envisioned. Clean, sleek, often beautiful subjects, engaged in some type of intriguiging activity. That's what I'm always shooting for.

2003-11-05 20:45:38 ET

Nicely done. Sterile, but nicely done. ;)

2003-11-06 03:25:27 ET

Those look like Custo Barcelona ads (Custo is a designing label).
Check it out if you have a sec!

2003-11-06 04:39:47 ET

kinda reminds me of the old duran duran art work they used. i forget that persons name, they did a lot of poster type art.

2003-11-06 13:07:46 ET

Yes, blessed, I was just about to say that. I believe the artists name was Vargas? Huge in the 80s.

2003-11-07 05:07:17 ET

yep u got it... couldn't recall

2003-11-07 05:14:53 ET

side note: Daniel, I just read the description of your drawing 'nothing is sacred' and laughed at the part when you say "I mean, come on--it's so obvious." :D

2003-11-07 09:54:18 ET

The Jason Brooks stuff does is reminicsent of Patrick Nagel's artwork. I know Nagel's artwork epitomizes the 80s to a large extent, but nevertheless, I love his work. I love it sooo much. It's minimal, yet sensual almost to the point of being lusty. I think he's definately another person whos really influenced what I do, or what I'm trying to do.

(I'm gonna get me a girlfriend who looks exactly like this)

Nagel uses the Serigraph technique. I wanna try to conjure a method similiar to the serigraph by means of creating stencils and using only a few colors. The only thing is that it'll never come out as sharp. I don't know. I need to get up on the Illustrator vector shit, but it feels so crappy using a mouse to get that line dynamic, ya know? I wish I had a MAC G4 with a bad-ass stylus. That'd make me happy.

Yo Danny, that site is really cute.

2003-11-07 10:15:05 ET

lol we dont know anything :P

i call him the duran duran dude

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