i hope all y'all have a positive and fun year
2004-01-03 20:43:33 ET

So I spent New Years down in San Diego at my boy David's house with a lot of good friends. We got buck wild all weekend. Actually, I realized that I ain't nearly as crazy as all my friends - they just don't quit!

While I was passed out, two of my friends managed to find my sketch book and write stuff on almost every page. I posted some here 'cause I think they're great, plus I absolutely love it when people add stuff to what I create: It's so much more fun that way! I would post a lot more, but they're quite explicit, albeit funny-as-all-fuck, so I opted to bypass. But yo, here's some right hurrr...

So yeah, New Years was fun. I just got done with spending an entire week with my friends Matt and Elizebeth, and it was so fucking wonderful! We drank a lot, laughed a lot, travelled a lot, ate a lot, all that good shit. I'm kinda drained of seritonin right now (where's the HTTP-5 when you really need it?), so I'm not gonna continue much further with this post. I just wanna relax. I'm tired and somber. I must admit that I enjoy a little bit of somberness here and then. The right kind of 'somber' feels almost cozy, know wha I mean?

I wanted to stop drinking starting today, but Elizebeth happened to leave a ton of beer in my fridge, so now I'm back at it. I need a dominitrix. No, seriously, I'm not losing sight my my new years resolution to cut back on my severe drinking habit. I'm gonna work it out.

There's actually a lot more to report on, including an increadible artshow I attended as well as some wierd 'gettin-busy' type-shit, but not right now. Now I'm gonna drink the rest of this beer and listen to music. No one is home right now, so I'm going to enjoy being alone.

So yo, let this prove a positive year for everyone. My forecast is that shit is gonna be super nice.

Peace y'all.

2004-01-03 21:01:31 ET

i hope the less drinking thing works out yo! i miss you. i still think of you yo.

2004-01-03 21:05:53 ET

you put words online repeated after my thoughts.
how many conversations I've gotten into explaining these hands are useless, but it may not parallel your issue, so I leave it to agreeing that your country has nothign to do with me either, fuckin USA.

2004-01-04 06:26:42 ET

What is HTTP-5, Senor Daniel?
I am quite a fan of "Eye hate GOP/I hate you." Actually, it might say "Eye hate God." I like GOP better though, so I am going to continue with that conclusion.
I'm glad you had such a wonderful new year. It sounds like one of those nights and experiences that leaves an indelible embossing on the mind, a memory that you can run your hands over and feel. I am jealous. I haven't had a night like that is a while. Being here in Ohio, on the brink of leaving but not wanting to leave Willis behind yet having to ....I feel a lot like one of Clive Barker's tortured souls--being pulled in multipul directions by hooks on chains ending in the neather attatched to my vital organs and face.
WHOA *super-serious interlude concludes*
2003, besides going to Serbia, was the most domestic and subdued year of my life. My resolution is to not let that happen again.

2004-01-08 17:46:26 ET

I'm such a dork - it's not HTTP, it's HTP-5. It's a fabulous 'natural' drug that you can legally take and it helps to replenish seritonin. It's used for depression, insomnia, etc., but I became familiar with it after friends would give it to me following drug binges, raves, that sort of thang. It's really neat stuff. I highly recommend it!

YES, IT SAYS 'GOP!' No, I think it says the other thing, 'cause my friend David is kinda wanky like dat, but I much prefer GOP. Actually, it kinda sucks 'cause now I can't draw anymore in that book and I was determined to fill the entire thing. Like, it's so fucked-up with all this writing shit on every single page that I feel like it's not even mine anymore. Oh well, time for a new sketch book.

No, I feel similiar discontent upon reflection of 2003. 2003 can forever kiss my honky-tonky-ass! I have a similiar resolution to not repeat the bullshit tribulations of last year. I can see certain positive outcomes, but it's always somewhat frustrating that positive outcomes and powerful lessons so often come after severe negativity and devestating circumstances. I think it takes wisdom to know how to learn and continually benefit from positive occurances. Perhaps it's wisdom that allows one to see positivity in everything real-time, not in retrospect.

Psuedo, I miss you too. We should go on a date =D

Antony, you're the shit. Seriously, your style hits it, no matter what the medium. I get mad inspiration off you.

Peace y'all!

2004-01-11 08:37:31 ET

oh Funkt, I got 67% on plastic fabrication. I can't even pass an unenlightening course.

And I don't get your multi-panel drawings even if I try...

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