THE FIRST DAY OF SKOOL (and the latest in Daniel's sex life!)
2004-01-13 14:20:28 ET

yes, today was my first day of going to Long Beach City College. And it was wonderful! Well, for the most part. I got an Anthropology teacher who doesn't talk very loud, and it's crowded and there's a gang of fuckhead kids who have stupid-ass conversations while the quiet teacher is talking. Other than that, fabulous. I got a really cool philosophy teacher. My psychology teacher is really cool too. I think everything's gonna work out nice and fuckin' dandy.

So yeah, other stuff in my life. I've been hanging out with my friend Molly who just recently moved to Long Beach. She's really cool. She's got some mighty-fine assets: she likes to cook, she uses obscure-ass words, she likes good music and collects records, she likes to drink, she likes to draw, etc...good stuff that Daniel likes.

And yeah, we keep gettin' it on. Like, the whole 9-yards-type gettin' it on. And I'm okay with that, 'cause I like to get it on. Thing is I know this isn't some safe "we're just friends who like to mack it every here-and-there;" I think that she like-likes me. You know how you can tell when someone likes you? Shit like she keeps making me dinner and buying me booze and molesting me when I'm sleeping, the shit that indicates that someone may like you more than just a friend. But I'm not really into her that way. Like, at all.

It's like, you know when you got something 'cause you get that twinkly feeling when you kiss n' shit and you wish the moment could last for a really long time? I don't get that. I get thoughts like "damn, I really wanna have a cigerette" or "I should go home and make some beats" or "I wonder how much money is in my bank account?" And I'm entering the total-asshole zone where I'm prolonging this thing 'cause I like the benefits. Isn't that terrible?

I mean, she's really cool, like I said, but there's no future in it. It'd be cool if it was just a temporary horny thang, but I'm getting the feeling that this is gonna turn into yet another situation where I end up hurting someones feelings and losing a friend. I've told her many times that I don't want a serious relationship and that we're just mackin' it 'cause mackin' it is a quality use of time. Nothing more. So I'm not like leading her on...technically.

Whatever. We'll see. As for now, I'm gonna smoke some weed and take a shower, then I'm gonna eat a sandwich and listen to music. Then after that, I'll probably go to Molly's and get my mack on.


2004-01-13 14:33:33 ET

im sorry this has nothing to do with your post but: i really love your art.

2004-01-13 16:52:12 ET

Can I say: "oh I love my anthropology class...I love my painting class and art history is surprisingly amazing topics that I am getting into... I wish I can stay there forever... but all the courses are taught by the driest lameass teachers or the teachers don't give enough shit anyway"...

I don't know how life can be so positive for you......Does Molly knows about your online existence? Or are you pretending she doesn't know so you can post about her without guilt for the sake of conveying your thoughts to her in a literal way you can't do while mackin' it?

2004-01-13 18:36:30 ET

as long as you're telling her that and she knows, then you can't say you didn't warn her right? i've been on both sides of this situation and it isn't ever easy. at least you're being honest from the beginning.

2004-01-30 10:28:32 ET

HOWDY dan-yell. I hope progress has been made in senorita-ville.
While I don't understand with you penchant (sp?) for doin' it with babes you aren't diggin; I understand where you are coming from...especially the part about thinking about daily tasks while with someone who is trying to do the ol freak nasty, hahaha.
I am in New York City now, where is it freezing cold, but there are lots of fine honies ust waitin' to find a smart guy to come and give it up with them. Why don't you move here? ;D

2004-01-30 12:20:46 ET

No one knows of my online existence. It's my dark obsession, my perverted escape, my secret place where I can take off all my clothes and let people read me like a book. For the people that I talk to in real-real-life, I force them to wear x-ray goggles if they wish to read me so deeply.

Okay, that's not true (see above article entitled "THE FIRST DAY OF SKOOL (and the latest in Daniel's sex life!").

Yeah, I don't know. I'm bored of this little situation, so I'm just gonna kill it. Not completely, but just in terms of humping. It's amazing how something like humping CAN get boring when there's no meaning in it. I never thought that was possible. All things become routine when repeated continuously.

So yeah, progress is being made.

2004-02-01 17:21:53 ET

this was almost a perfectly unknown place for me, to run aboutst naked. but a bunch of my firends joined its still fun.

sex without meaning can only be fun for as long as its lack of meaning is fun.

2004-02-02 15:01:46 ET

Jesus, that's perfectly put:

"sex without meaning can only be fun for as long as its lack of meaning is fun"

I'm gonna remember that.

2004-02-02 17:32:52 ET

and chics out there who are looking for him to a serious relationship, remember how he thinks of casual relationships now.

2004-02-03 20:23:50 ET

lack of meaning is great sometimes.
wish i could get some ahhaha

2004-02-04 14:26:28 ET

I mean, if the situation is serious with someone, then I'm totally honest and sincere, as well as mature and non-manipulative. I don't think this type of thing should be confused with something serious.

This all sounds (and is) very selfish, but I'm in a place where I don't feel like I can get hurt in any way, so I'm somewhat careless.

I don't see this thing as blossoming into some untold love thing where I'm spellbounded and all that shyte, so I don't treat it as such. It's two friends mackin' when they should be relaxin.' (okay, that was full-blown dorky right there...excuse me).

2004-02-04 14:32:13 ET

lol. all you need is to find a sexy heina who has the same mindset as you.

2004-02-04 15:25:10 ET

Si. I need someone who captures my interests and stimulates my brain. Sexy heinas can be quite inspirational. I find that certain heinas seem to manifest, epitomize, and transduce physically the very core of what inspires me to create (or want to create). I'm always trying for an essence in the art I make that's somewhat challenging to materialize, but so easy to see within the physical/mental/soulful composure of certain heinas.

2004-02-05 08:48:55 ET

a muse :)

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