guess what kids - IT'S BITCHIN' TIME!!!
2004-02-12 17:40:23 ET

Bitchin' time is now in FULL-EFFECT!

You wanna know one thing I absolutely despise? Friends who over-stay their welcome. I hate it almost enough to make me want to hurt the friend who is guilty of said atrocity.

When I go somewhere, I might stay the night. It's rare for me to stay two nights in a row (unless it's a girl that I'm really attracted to). Why am I like this? Because I understand that people have LIFE to live and my lazy ass isn't gonna make that process any easier. Plus, if I'm in a place where I don't have my stuff, I get edgy 'cause I can't do the shit I want to do, like draw (hardly anyone has decent art supplies-if you do, I just might stay a little longer). Primarily, I don't like to stay somewhere for very long 'cause I'M NOT DOING ANYTHING PRODUCTIVE AND THAT MAKES ME ANXIOUS!

My friend David just left, like, 30 minutes ago, and not a fucking second too soon. See, he's one of these fuckheads who'll drink heavily the night before (which we did) and then get all drama queen the next day. Like today. I go to school (regardless of hangover-hangovers happen when you drink-this isn't fucking calculous: drink a lot=hangover) expecting David to be gone when I get home in the afternoon. But no. His punk-ass is sitting on the couch doing nothing but feeling sorry for himself. First thing he says to me is "I can't stop throwing up." Don't throw up, fucking grow up. You're a man, plus you're an alcoholic, so don't give me some pathetic excuse like you didn't know what was coming. I got up at 7:00am and took a fucking test at 9:30 ALL WITH A RAGING HANGOVER! Don't be a little bitch!

He had to be at work today at 12:30, plus he needed to meet this guy to see if he can move in with him (David needs a place to stay within three days-he's getting kicked out). But, oh, I'm too sick to work...I can't stop throwing up...waah waah waah. So, what does he do? Buys more beer, the real ghetto shit. There you go...feeling nauseated? Drink some ghetto juice! Forget about your job or the fact that you're not gonna have a place to live in three days.

He did this shit for 3 days people. 3 days of doing nothing. 3 days of me feeling like I gotta entertain someone and that I can't just do my own thing. 1 day is great, 2 is pushing, and 3 is way-the-fuck over the threshold. Why isn't this known? Are people that fucking dense? Is my charisma that enticing?


So look, don't do this shit okay? If you're a friend, then you'll respect other peoples privacy and need to be alone. Okay, nevermind, you'll respect MY FUCKING NEED TO BE ALONE! If I like you in a more-than-friend kind of way, or if you're Josh (my best friend), then don't worry about it, otherwise, don't bother me for too long - I don't like it. I'm here to love baby! But I'm also here to live, so don't crowd me. I don't care who you are or what sex you may be or how much you wanna bow down before me and worship my ass, please don't stay too long. I'll let you know if I want you around. If I'm totally ignoring you, then you need to leave. I mean, shit, if someone's totally ignoring me, I leave, but that never fucking happens 'cause I'M NOT A FUCKING FLEA!



ps: if you were wondering about the backround, that is a picture of my girlfriend

2004-02-12 17:51:30 ET

A Premise, reasonable example, and justification: I'd say you're making a valid point. Then again, I could respond with, "Yeah, yeah! I hate that shit!", but that's too typical. Those who can't get the clue sometimes need a little help though I'm rarely confronted with this problem because either a) I have considerate friends or b) Know folk who have lives, homes, and things to be done.

2004-02-12 18:19:44 ET

For real, I think that I should just stop being friends with a lot of people that I know. It's like, I've known them for a long time and everything, but people change, things change, etc. It's like, sometimes people are no longer comprable to your life.

But then again, it's not like I'm gonna call these people up and tell them that we're not friends, or send them divorce papers. It'll happen on its own. It's sad, but so is beating baby seals over the head for their skins.

2004-02-14 09:32:37 ET

Your girlfriend looks like Audrey Hepburn.
That situation is sure a shame. I have not had to endure over-stayed welcome in ages. In fact, shit, I might welcome and over-stayed welcome right now here in New York City were superiority complexes seem to run rampent and chill people who just want to be real and have fun don't.
But this is not my forum to lay my bitches in!
Anyways, I think you are entirely justified in telling this guy to raise the fuck out. It takes a lot of nerve and lack of observation to behave like that. I also think it is an abuse of quality friendship; it's like it becomes a Machiavellian friendship, a sort of ends being achieved by whatever means because a person thinks of the other as a total push over wuss.
And I'M hung over right now trying to articulate this, doing very poorly, but striving forth none the less! :D

2004-02-17 20:37:14 ET

This kinda grievances sound like what I'd post everytime my friend Karen overstays her welcome.

Or my most recent post which ended up ruining more than 2 friendships within 6 hours.

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