RIP Marlon Brando
2004-07-03 21:07:31 ET


Oh my god, it's the fuckin' shiz! A big-ass kitchen, a big-ass living room, tons of storage space, and two bedrooms for each of us! And you know how much dis shit's costing us? $750 a month. Me and Josh used to pay $810 for a fucking studio apartment in Orange County (which, by-the-way, is known as ass-rape)

I'm a happy little fucker!

I better go before this muscle relaxin' drug takes effect. I love all of you and hope that you all can come to my apartment and sleep in my bedroom with me. FUCK, I'M GONNA HAVE MY OLD BED BACK!!! Yo homie, my fuckin' bed is huge!!! Finally, I can get it on in my own bed IN PRIVACY!!! Horray for privacy!

Hey, so yeah, now I'm gonna go. If you can, stop by Long Beach and come to my apartment, okay? I'll make you some tofu or something, aiight? We can do all sorts of shit LIKE GO TO A MUSEUM!!! WALK TO THE BEACH!!! SMOKE SOME POT!!! HAVE SOME SEX!!! WHATEVER IS FUCKIN' CLEVER, SISTAZ AND BROTHAZ!!!

2004-07-03 21:58:12 ET

so its inlong beach?? congrats can i come and sleep in your room??

2004-07-04 06:26:23 ET

lol. Awesome, I'm glad you guys found such a great place!

2004-07-04 06:48:25 ET

careful, the walls are paper thin. Terrorists can be hiding out and listening to your sex-ings. Your privacy is under attack.

2004-07-04 15:50:55 ET

Thanks cam-cam-Cambria! (long time no speech!)

Even if there are voyeurists, I'm not too concerned by this point. Like, two weeks ago, I got it on in a car. I haven't done that since I was 16 or something! Highly recommended.

Jessica, if you're ever in the LBC, hit up the D!!! It's fun here! And you can sleep in my bedroom...for free!

2004-07-04 18:01:59 ET

I just sold my car.
After driving 4 years (since I was 16), highly recommended

2004-07-06 03:39:41 ET

Hey man, if you have an official Apartment warming party, complete with obligatory sophisticated e-vite, I will fly west side. Oh, have it before August 1st. SNAP DRAGON, congrats on such a place! I'm trying to find a place right now for Willis and my friend Andrea (the three of us will be living 'Three's Company' shit minus some of the sexual innuendo) and we're looking at paying 1800, which is 600 each, to live in ye olde BOX. I don't even like New York! One day I'll look back on this an laugh...laughing because I've already undergone my final psychotic break from poverty woe and drug addiction.
I'll never act along side Marlon Brando! R.I.P!

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