The flag, the freaks, the 4th!
2004-07-04 17:50:50 ET

Alright all you Michael Moore-loving, America-hating, faggot-fucking, Saddam-supporting, crack-smoking, tree-hugging, left-leaning communist pricks - it's the fuckin' 4th of July, so for once in your over-privileged lives, SHUT THE FUCK UP AND HAVE A BEER!!! it just me, or are there some scary fucking people on this site? I mean, I love variety and uniqueness and all that shit, but yo, sometimes people kinda ooze over into the freaky zone. Like, I sometimes imagine spending, like, 1/2 an hour with some of these people and I seriously get the chills.

Whatever. It's all a state of mind...I guess.

What? Oh, now I'm an asshole. Damn it, you know I'm not trying to be mean. Just forget that I even said anything. Sorry for being honest.

But anyhoo, have an unsafe and dangerously intoxicated 4th of July! I hope to see many-an-illegal bottle-rocket tonight!!!

P.M.S: the above portion of this letter is meant to be sarcastic (albeit completly devoid of humor). But if you are offended, then please post all insults and criticisms here. THX!

2004-07-04 18:48:56 ET

<-- *Resorts to grade school method of retort with stuck out tongue*

: P

2004-07-05 17:09:04 ET

You know this picture is just sexy. You know it.

You're going to marry me off and we're going to live in Hawaii in a woven basket. I'm only goff at night.

2004-07-08 21:19:15 ET

Hmmm, let me think about this marriage thing for a seco - OKAY!

You wanna get married, then lets do it! Just as long as it's a black wedding. No, no...I don't mean the opposite of that one Billy Idol song! I'm talking black-people! You know, like lots of gospel singers and chicken, and slow-jams and all that shit.

Good thing about the nightime goff thing...daytimers are fags!

Yes, marriage. Me and you and Hawaii.

2004-07-09 05:42:41 ET

Billy Idol...I think it's a de javu: I am listening to white wedding on the radio now actually. Creepy.

Now that I am officially creeped out, YOU can stay in the basket.
hey...wait......wanna take on my latest offer?

2004-09-14 14:41:00 ET

I would like a take.

2004-09-14 15:12:54 ET

wow, you sure gave time to that thought.

2004-09-23 13:54:16 ET

Yes...yes I did.

No, hay! That's what I thought when I read that shit. I was like "hhaaaayyyyyyy!" whilst bumping that fat-ass o' mine.

Just let me know when.

2004-09-23 15:51:53 ET

probably'll tour California during November pre Christmas seasons.

2004-10-05 10:56:01 ET

YEAH!!! You gotta hit me up when you come to CALIFORNIA!!! Call this shit: 562-951-0595!

Let me know a couple days in advance when you wanna get married and all that shit...I got some contracts I gotta break with a couple other ladies. Marriage contracts...look, I don't really wanna get into it right now.

But yeah, don't worry about that shit. Perhaps you would like to think of this ordeal as a plan to establish an "American husband." And you can be my "Canadian wife." I think it's a fuckin' beautiful idea.


2004-10-05 20:51:53 ET

I'll definately call if I ever roll by.
And claim you as an American husband. I'll only visit every Tuesday so you can still make your wife dough on the other weekdays to pay your rent.

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