i'm here, i'm queer, and I like beer (I meant queer as in "strange," you homophobe!!!
2004-09-14 14:31:32 ET

Hey, I can't talk long 'cause I'm at school right now and some parapelegic kid is mad-doggin' me 'cause there's no free computers and I'm using the handicap port. I mean, mad-dogs are one thing, but a mad-dog from Mr. Roboto is something totally different.

Okay, forget that those offensive words came out of my computer-mouth and concentrate your thoughts on the words I'm about to write.

Yeah, I moved! I live in the mutha-fuckin hood!!! But I like it. At first, I was paranoid that I was gonna get jacked or someone was gonna start some shit, but it's actually really comfortable. There's nothing but ugly people all around me. I can drink beer anywhere! Shit, I don't even have to wear clothes if I don't want to; a lot of people exercise that option and it's all good!

Yeah, it's nice having my own room and all that. Plus I'm feeling the clenches of that previous engagement slowly relenquish its grip. I feel a lot better. I still don't have the internet at home...I'm working on that.

So yeah, that kid that's still mad-doggin' my ass is really starting to freak me out, so I'm gonna go now. But yo, I love all y'all and will try to talk to you soon.

Peace baby!

2004-09-14 14:39:57 ET

*immitates cartman* in the ghet-to....

2004-09-14 15:15:53 ET

livin' in the ghetto on top of your own filth is always more comfortable than living in Green Park's filth. I swear those gold coins they swim in hurts the jaw.

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