Men are from sperm and egg, women are from sperm and egg
2005-01-17 20:54:35 ET

Have you ever read that fucking book "Men are from mars, women are from venus?" That book is for retards! I pity any pathetic fool who uses that book to better understand the opposite sex. Let me show you some quotes from a section called...

"101 Ways to Score Points with a Woman"

3. Practice listening and asking questions.
33. Wash before having sex or put on a cologne if she likes that.
50. Take pictures of her on special occasions.
81. Ask her how she is feeling.
87. Verbally say thank you when she does things for you.
66. Help with recycling the trash.
64. Buy some good Super Glue to fix things that are broken.

Yep, you heard it! The ladies sweat over a man who can fix shit with super glue! I mean, you really need someone to tell you to listen and ask questions? Or to take a shower before fucking if you smell like shit due to working at the coal factory all day?

Oh, and how do you non-verbally say 'thank you,' and what type of asshole uses this method on a regular basis? Is it just like a nod and a grunt? Or maybe it's the type of guy who "says" 'Thank you' by means of grabbing your ass? THAT'S THE TYPE OF MAN I AM!

2005-01-17 21:26:36 ET

I agree. That book is silly.

2005-01-18 11:57:02 ET

Reminds me of all these self-help guides written by Christians for Christians.

I remember my good friend's mother read up on a lot of them in order to deal with his homosexuality. Her final conclusion after much Christian research is that something traumatic happened in his life behind her back.

There were scenes of her grabbing his shoulders and violently shaking him for answers to fall out like pennies. Of course the result was my friend moving out on his own away from her.

2005-01-19 08:24:14 ET

I don't think there's anything sexual in this book. How can you have a book for couples who misunderstand each other that doesn't fully explore the many dimensions of sexual arousal and intercourse?

The main thing is that the author supposively has a ph.D. How? I don't know...maybe he has a ph.D in sticking his fingers in his ass? The writing level is a good 7th grade report. I mean, if he was 12 and he wrote this, he'd get an A.

This book makes idiots out of women and brutes out of men. It's hideously sexist, biased and narrow-minded. In other words, a perfect read for Christians and Catholics alike!!!

2005-01-19 09:01:04 ET

hey, it's the cornerstone of 99 cents paperback romance novel enthusiasts.

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