2005-02-22 11:03:25 ET

Damn...I would post an entry, but this woman sitting next to me has got some major muthafuckin' body odor. Maybe she forgot to shower. She's one of those twats who comes to the computer lab and play solitaire. I marvel at how pointless people like to be.

Oh, I did get a haircut. Some like it, and some say I look like a Republican asshole. I don't really give a fuck. It's short and easy to manage. Damn, I even got some Paul Mitchel shampoo. Needless to say, I'm big pimpin in the LBC and I'm keeping shit locked-down.

When I get my income tax back, I'm traveling. I hope someone can go with me. I'm not bullshiting this time!!!

Anyways, I love you. If you were food, I'd smear you all over my body and let dogs lick it off of me. If you were a car, I'd get you lowered with tinted windows and those rims that spin even when the car's not moving. If you were a newspaper, I'd make some fried fish and some french fries and I'd use you to wrap them up and then I'd talk a lot of shit with a british accent. If you were a person, I'd hug you and kiss you and I'd have a lot of sex with you.

2005-02-22 13:18:38 ET

Dan-yell! Will you be visiting scenic Oaktown on said journey? You best!
You should take a picture of yourself dressed up like some right wing douche just for fun. You be lookin' foine in the picture you have up with 'longer' hair, though. Why are boys always cutting their right right when it be foine?
BO is my numero uno biggest pet peeve in world. When someone smells bad and they are near me, I get the yaks. I woulda told that broad to go get the hell under a faucet, scrub that shit.
Oh, and by the way, the significant amount of love coming of your post caused me to swoon and fan myself like a southern belle. I hope you're layin' those sweet nothings on some blessed LA senorita as well.

2005-02-22 21:45:27 ET


2005-02-23 11:44:29 ET

Oaktown is definately on my list. I want to hit up everytang! If Oaktown is in effect (and when is it not?), might I, and maybe a cohert, stay at your apt for a night? I know we've talked about dis, but I want to make double-sure. I know another kid up in Oakland, but he's kind've a wienee-head. Nevertheless, I used to live with the boy, so I'll probably hit him up too. WHATEVER! I just want to see some new shit and do some fun shtuffffff!!!!!!!!

O-tay, I must get out of me PJs. It's about 1:45pm and I haven't done a damn thang, besides eat and read stuff. Do you ever find an old newspaper laying around from, like, two weeks ago, and you start to read it, then you get all emersed? I fucking hate doing that!!! Whenever I go to put away old newspapers and magazines for recycling, I always end up reading all this information that I skipped over the first time. It feels so fucking redundant. BLAHHHHHHH!!!!!

2005-02-23 14:45:19 ET

Of course you and said cohort could stay with me and mine. Just as long as your friend isn't a sleezbag. I'm not implying that a friend of yours WOULD be, but I'm putting the info out there because one of my very good friends came to visit and she brought her boyfriend, whom I didn't already know, and he was a CREEP.
Sometimes I read old newspapers, but I also often read 'subay news papers.' You know what I mean--a newspaper that is on the ground of a subway train car, has been stepped on like 800 times, but I will look at it and see something interesting, so I will move it with my foot and try to read it even thoguh it's all narsty. Sometimes, if I'm really interested and it is just not working with my foot, I will touch it. Gross!

2005-02-26 11:08:35 ET

Hey, if you were implying that I got sleezy friends, you wouldn't be mistaken. I'm friends with the nasty wierdos on earth! Men, women, children, the whole lot. However, when I travel, I like to keep my company clean, and I prefer them to have a lot of money so that if I need to escape on the Greyhound and I t'aint got the mullosh, they got my back. I love rich friends. Their perception of reality is so much nicer than mine.

About the newspapers, I do that shit all the time on the bus. I feel wierd about it 'cause I always feel like I'm stealing from someone. One time, I went to grab what I thought was a vagrant, loitering newspaper, when some woman was like "hey, that's mine!" I felt like she should've swatted my hand or something. It was a strangely comfortable scenerio. I guess that makes me a softcore masochist.

I'm hungry. I want a burrito..a wet one.

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