Shouldn't someone be polite and tell her that she's got some B.O?
2005-03-08 13:37:36 ET

Maybe it's not a good idea to post on this site after my political science class. This is the second time in recent history that I've planted my ass right next to Ms. Smelly Pants. Different woman, similiar stench. Plus this time I can smell her breath bouncing off of her computer screen and into my face.

Next time I'll scope the situation prior to finding a comfy spot to report from. Until then, good evening and good night.

2005-03-09 07:28:55 ET

I would loose my goddamn mind. single biggest pet peeve. I don't even know if 'pet peeve' is an appropriate way of expressing how much it bothers me. You should bring some Vick's Vapo-rub with you to class. Or tell that broad to go take a shower.

2005-03-09 19:06:20 ET

you can carry a can of FeBreeze and spray around the entire area of your computer space. Just out of the blue, stand up from your chair holding your nose and mouth, raise your hand in the air, and spray while you twirl around on the spot.

Thing is, no matter what the people next to you may get from your action, whether they realize their stench or they think you're rude or think you're just plain crazy, they'll eventually leave.

2005-03-17 02:58:45 ET

you can say "hey tree hugger, try hugging some pot pourri"

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