Lil' party at Daniel's hizzy...on Saturrrrday!
2005-03-28 17:34:48 ET

It twas a nice get together. Met some new people. Got to see my good friend Rosendo. Inherited some bongos from some kid who was rockin' a beret and was coming straight out of Norway or some shit. Did a lot of cocaine. Ended the night having sex with someone that I don't give a fuck about.

Oh how I wish I could find someone I care about to sleep with. I haven't had a meaningful, fulfilling sexual encounter since, uh.................

Tommorow, I convert/transfer drawings onto canvas. I'm getting this art shit straight this year, 'cause I'm tired of fucking around. My shit needs to get out, primarily because I see so many other motherfuckers making a name but ain't got shit outside of a degree and connections. I want to make it happen based on the actual work that I create. I mean, fuck, last saturday, I went to the 'saturday art walk' that happens every 2nd saturday of every month here in Long Beach. One of the galleries, which also serves as a straight-out Nike shoe gallery, was showcasing this wack bitch's art that was straight-out shitty American-steeze ANIME on canvas. I was like, 'what the fuck is this bullshit?' First off, ANIME belongs to JAPAN!!! Fuck globalizing anime. It ain't right to rip-off anime style and say it's your own, and it sure-as-hell ain't right to put that shit up on canvas in a hip gallery. And it wasn't even half good! This particular gallery that I speak of typically exhibits really innovative graffitti/stencil shit that I really bug-out on (and there was some of that), but this person was killing it. So, anyways, that's my motivation: to get up on some original shit and hold it down. If motherfuckers can make canvases in the wannabe anime steeze and get away with it, then the sky is the muthafuckin' limit.

2005-03-28 18:52:00 ET

oh Daniel, it's all in your head. What IS "meaningful sex"? It's all what you make of it. I mean, if you were sober for 4 weeks, picked up a chic from a bar & gave some thought to it, it can be considered meaningful enough sex for you. Fly me over and have sex with me.

Do your art. I haven't done anything for MONTHS. In a few weeks when school's over I'm going to start again. Hopefully by then I'll have steady income. Then I'll go to St. Catherines and rent a studio. And so on. Life's a bitch, the people who spent their whole life making connection and shining shoes always get to show their art before the people who actually did art.

2005-03-28 19:18:43 ET

My god, you phrased that in such a perfect way. Antony, you always inspire me. Fuck the shoe-shiners.

2005-04-03 21:22:30 ET

there's so much bad art showcased in chic galleries. i went to a masters of fine arts exhibit at my school and 95% of the stuff there was just hopeless crap. the other 5% was just too fucking abstract for the sake of being abstract that it was disgusting.

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