2005-04-12 12:08:14 ET

This is the last time I post on this reoccuring misfortune that seems to befall me twice a week, around the same time, in the same place, with seemingly the same type of fuckheads: once again, I go to sit at a computer that has no one around it, and who comes up to sit next to me? Fine-ass girl? Cool scenester kid? Retarded student? NOPE! Ms. pushin'-300-pounds-and-it-just-don't-stop-with-the-body-odor-to-rock-the-spot! FUCK! I mean, it's always the same shit. Why people? Why? I didn't do anything to you.

I maintain a proper smell quota and, tell you the truth, it ain't that hard. I didn't even take a fucking shower today and I'm still maintaining.

WORK WITH ME PEOPLE!!! If you're a whale-of-a-woman, fuckin' wear deodorant and maybe consider some type of body powder to stay arrid and dry. Remember, when it comes to persperation, DRY IS GOOD! And don't forget that chewing on a piece of gum after a meal has actually been shown to help maintain proper dental hygeine, not to mention it helps to maintain proper breath-scent control. Oh, and try to shower daily! Wearing clean clothes also helps; it's especially important to wear clean socks EVERYDAY!

2005-04-12 14:38:13 ET

d0000d, this issue is consuming your online life.

2005-05-03 10:41:54 ET

dont hate me. call me.

2005-05-03 13:50:05 ET

don't hate me. marry me.

2005-05-03 13:50:27 ET

Wait, don't marry me. Get a Domestic Partnership with me.

2005-05-03 20:26:08 ET

call me kid.
i lost your number because my phone broke and i lost all my numbers

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