I'm going insane
2005-05-03 14:07:18 ET

I almost got in a fight this last saturday. The kid was lucky that I walked away and didn't punch his midget-ass in the face.

Basically, I happened to say something that he found offensive. I apologized excessively, repeatedly telling him that I didn't mean to offend him and that I'm an asshole for doing so, but he wouldn't drop it. I mean, there I was, talking to 3 fine-ass girls, making them laugh and having a good time. He comes and sits on the same couch as these 3 girls. The kid's name is GERM and he makes art that I kinda respect (stencil art is something that I have a very hard time accepting, though his style has some innovative techniques), so I didn't mind at all his sitting down to join in the conversation. Then, in my discourse, I happened to say something blatantly offensive about jewish people. I intended the statement to be so outrages that it couldn't possibly be my honest opinion. He didn't catch that, and told me that I needed to leave his area. He didn't live there, and I was there first. But I didn't want to offend him, and I haven't a drop of anti-semitism in me, so I tried my best to take-back what I said and apologize. But he wouldn't drop it. I mean, to the point where it got rediculous on his end. I realized that he was actually trying to humiliate me in front of these attractive females (who I was doing very well with) and in the process cock-block as it were. So I was like "what? You wanna fucking do something?" And he was still maintaining his holier-than-thou stance. By this point, I was raising my voice and calling too much attention to myself. So, instead of making the scene worse, I bid my ado and paid compliments to the party organizers, who very-much urged me to stay, and walked home, alone.

I was on the path to making many new friends, but instead left of behalf of some cock-blocking motherfucker who couldn't let something insignificant go due to his Napolean-complex and his sensitive yet over-sized ego. Oh well. There will be more parties. And I don't need to fight. Fighting is stupid, especially when I'm fully confident and ready to beat the shit out of you.

I'm going through a hard time right now in my life. That is all. Sometimes the waves beat the shore hard and erratic. You just gotta stay tough and swim harder. I just feel like the old man and the sea, without a compass and without an orr.

I want to hold someone while going to bed tonight. I feel very lonely, though I've made more friends this last month than I have in years. Oh well.

2005-05-03 17:52:54 ET

*creepy cyber-hug*

2005-05-06 08:00:33 ET

I havent been on here in ages and I havent written shit in longer.
But seriously Mr. Daniel, I feel what you are saying right here:
I'm going through a hard time right now in my life. That is all. Sometimes the waves beat the shore hard and erratic. You just gotta stay tough and swim harder. I just feel like the old man and the sea, without a compass and without an orr.
I am going thorugh one of the hardest periods of my life ever. I'll just say it here because it's you and Antony (hello Ms. Green, this is the other Miss Green; how are you?). My fiance and I are calling it quits. Basically I'm getting divorced without the bullshit judicial system having to get involved. Life certainly is rough all around and I feel what you are saying and going through.
I'm writing you and email right now in the case you dont check this for 500 years because I'm flying into the LBC in two weeks to make some sweet voice over connections in LA. I want to finally meet you in person.
You should go to LA too next week, Antony. We can all party till we get cyrosis.

2005-05-10 14:27:45 ET

You and me in the LBC - Inflicting cyrosis and damaged kidneys - What a glorious occasion to meet Lila Green - I'm sure it will be as splendid as a moisture-drenched dream!


Lila decided to visit the LBC - to meet a boy she's known for years close to 3 - but what a displeasure she did incur - when Daniel wasn't a 'him,' but was instead a 'her!'


Daniel was drunk, as he often is - not thinking for a second of attending his "biz" - when suddenly he remembered where he was supposed to be - at the location where he was to meet Lila G

Now he wimpers like a two-year-old child - knowing Lila is far away, miles and miles - If only he didn't start drinking a quarter after 3:00 - he could've made the acquaintence of the wonderful Ms. G


Lila met Dan in the LBC - both were amazed that they could finally see - the flesh-bodies that produced the words that they typed - and both galavated happily and danced throughout the night!

I hope it's the first or the last one. I'm pretty sure it's not the second one.


2005-05-11 07:15:13 ET

I think it's both the first AND the last one. The first one is excellent though, because it harbors the most potential scandle. But I am honored and humbled that you put so much work into writing lymericks regarding my impending visit.


2005-05-11 15:32:05 ET

no travelling for me. Got kicked out and barely paying bills.

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