'Cause me so happy!
2005-08-18 14:57:33 ET

Hello to anyone who still lives here. Jesus, did the goths and rivetheads pull some gentrification-type shit on this site? Emminent domain shit? Hmmm...whatevs!!! God, I can't believe I'm adapting that abbreviated version of the classic "whatever." That abbreviation isn't even trendy. Can somebody say WTF? Ewwww...now I just said "can somebody say..." Maybe now's not the best time to post after such hiatus. Fuck it.

I'm in school again and it feels great! I hate not being in school. Over break, I drank A LOT, ate VERY LITTLE, and wimpered like a little beyatch. Waste of a couple of months, but I'm putting that era of this year behind me. I don't wanna have some bullshit "'what's up with you?''Oh, nothing much'" type of lifestyle, know what I mean? I'm not saying I want to always have something BOMB to tell people about my life or anything. I just wanna do my thang with some type of satisfaction and happiness. I wanna try to get to my next birthday with the solace that year 26 was cool.

Oh yeah, I'm 26 now. Yes, yes.

God-damn what wonders cigerettes and coffee does for the breath! I have a spanish class! I LOVE IT! It's fascinating!. I'm thinking that it just may become a passion. I'm also taking macro economics and a class entitled Comparative World Cultures, which is also fascinating. The teacher of that class should receive some bad-ass reward like the Nobel or an Oscar or some shit. Why? 'Cause the muthafucka did it like this: instead of forcing us to buy a new copy of the book that he wrote (and spend more money that none of us have), he photocopied the pages/chapters that we need, put it in a pamphlet, and sells it for 6 bucks. Have youever heard of such benevolence? Fuck.

Whatever. I have to go. I'll be back though, 'cause these goth/rivet/wtf ain't taking my shit, no matter how much the Supreme Court approves, ya heard me?

2005-08-18 15:00:23 ET

what are they trying to take from you?
i'll kill them!

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