2005-10-13 13:03:06 ET

Damn the system for not teaching me spanish WHILE I was learning english. How much easier would that be? I hate racist conservatives who insist that bilingual education is nothing more than financial support for unappreciative children born from illegal immigrants who tear our system asunder from the inside out. What harm can bilingual education do aside from heightening our cultural awareness and increasing both empathy and repect? Conservatives can suck the fatest mexican cock God has ever had the desire to muster and drown in it's ooey-gooey Horchata-laced jiznay.

I can blame the system (and feel right by doing so), but that won't change the fact that spanish is very challenging for me. What I need is a beautiful spanish-speaking latin female to teach me the language. I'm going for the effect of, say Seaseme Street, and how it is appealing and effective to kids because it melds aesthetically-pleasing color, sound and forms to new concepts and ideas. I think it's a brilliant idea, but time won't wait, and I must go it alone for the tambien, or uh time-being, if you will.

Bye bye!

(p.m.s: PROP 73 is complete bullshit - anyone who supports that shit needs to be aborted - GET IT???? =)

2005-10-13 15:03:14 ET

I agree that you need something visually stimulating to teach you spanish.
now, get out there and find yourself a hott latino mama, damnit.

2005-10-13 16:28:42 ET

ONE local town here has a program that starts in first grade and teaches french as you continue to learn english. It's actually an insanely sucessful enrichment program and it's been ongoing for YEARS so people who started early are now getting college $$

uhm. i forget my point.

2005-10-17 17:25:38 ET

now why didn't I know about that in first grade?
oh yeah, because nobody cared that much about my development or my future..

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