2005-10-17 18:09:21 ET


I'm fucking sick of it. I'm sick of feeling empty. I'm sick of feeling guilty. I'm sick of telling people that it was a one-time thing and I'm not interested in a relationship (or friendship). I'm sick of feeling like a fucking slut. I'm sick of knowing that I allow these things to happen because of an absence of meaning in my life. I'M FUCKING SICK OF IT!

I'm tripping right now over the mere concept of getting an STD from someone who I don't care about. If I don't knock it off, that's what's going to happen. SO NO MORE! And tomorow, I'm getting tested.

I'm going to make a promise to myself starting yesterday that I will only have intercourse with someone that I AM IN LOVE WITH. Or at least someone that I know well and trust and am strongly interested in.

No more of this meaningless shit. My head is heavy as it is.

2005-10-17 19:19:40 ET

agreed. It does bring an emptiness once you realize that you are having meaningless sex. our lifes need some meaningful things in it and that is one thing that deserves meaning.

2005-10-17 19:41:10 ET

gotta love the slut phase.. I can say I've been through that.. oopies.. well atleast its fun while it lasts..
but yeah getting test can be fun.. me and my close friend always make a date of going to the clinic together and somehow have fun at the clinic..

2005-10-21 07:56:17 ET

yay for getting tested. considering 80% of the sexually active population has some form of sti, and the fact that you can still get something even when using condoms, getting tested is essential.

on a totally unrelated sidenote, your link to your myspace says you're Wawan, a 30 year old man living in Jakarta, Indonesia. :P

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