The summer day of aug. 26
2002-09-26 10:29:16 ET

At leat I think that's the date today.

I don't know why the hell I don't arise in the morning and operate like a robot, in a series of steps:
1.get up, 2.take shower,, 4.drink substantial amount of coffee, 5.pursue day as you wish.

Accomplish these five things and all is well.

Instead, I often skip to step 4, then wind up smoking a bowl, afterwhich I proceed to get lost in whatever my hands find first, usually a picture or something on the ground.

Sometimes this straying off path works out wonderfully, like today. Other times, this straying turns to falling. Like the occasional times I get lost in T.V. land, usually on some foriegn channel, or some boring-ass news conference on C-Span. I don't watch T.V. hardely at all. T.V. is bullshit, but you know what I'm saying...or surveys. Or taking 48 minutes to fold clothes.

Me and my family (friends, roomates) got a little puppy. It's a golden-retriever. It's so adorable. It's a really-well behaved dog, which leads us all to wonder what may be lurking under the FLESH OF THE BEAST! No, but we needs to get her some shots. I never wanted an animal until I was like 40 or something (much like children), but seeing this dog did something to my heart. Ahhhhhhhh!

Okay, must back-track missed steps in todays prerequisites to living. Good day to all humans.

2002-09-26 11:14:00 ET

blow bong hits in the dogs face....we got this stray dog piss drunk one time it was FUNNY

2002-09-26 11:42:09 ET

It's september dohlink!

2002-09-26 16:40:15 ET

i always mess up on days. i really dont care about what day it is either the only reason i know is cause of work

2002-09-27 03:40:20 ET

Welcome to SK.

If you need any help, go here.

2002-09-27 19:25:42 ET


2002-11-07 18:04:36 ET

Hello and welcome.

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