Today's Agenda (for future reference)
2002-10-01 10:12:23 ET

Today's Agenda (kinda in order):
0.5 Drink profuse proportions of coffee
1. clean my kitchen
2. clean my bedroom
3. Sample/generate beats and sounds into my computer
4. Fuck with sounds
5. Eat some food
7. Work on beats
8. Optional: work on love picture, a concept two-years old.

I'm gonna get that job at Toys R Us. I really don't want to, but I could use the money. So, that's why I'm laying out an agenda, 'cause soon I'm not going to have any free time. I'm going to be a slave for a while. Toys R Us stays open 'till 12:00pm during holidays, meaning I'll be at work till 1:00am.

Yuck, but fuck, make the buck like a sucka duck, caffiene cluck.

2002-10-01 10:35:26 ET

It sucks that so many people have to work menial jobs so far below their potential, just to survive and that said jobs often prevent them from actually beng able to survive through some kind of enjoyable, non-menial labor.

And, I need a job too. :(

2002-10-01 11:53:24 ET

It does suck. I frame art at the job I have now, which is really cool. I feel like I'm actully doing something, not just moving shit and taking orders. It's kinda tuff for me 'cause my friends that I live with, well, two out of five, have a lot of money, so they can kinda take it easy. It's hard because I'm in debt to them, so that's where a lot of my money goes to, and sometimes I start to feel a tad bitter. But I try to stay positive, and for the most part, I feel good. I love where I live, and if it requires that I have to push harder, so be it. Thanks for hearing me.

2002-10-01 13:24:54 ET

i am a banker... and i want out.. i want to work at toys r us.. because what i do actually requires mental effort. plus theres a small chance of what i do becoming who i am. i want to work somewhere like blockbuster again (or my job at the comic book store! that was the best!) basically somewhere it is understood that the job is just that, it would be liberating for my mind to completely write off the 8-10 hours a day i spend working as a waste instead of being somewhat tempted to fit in to a value system that isn't mine

2002-10-02 10:20:42 ET

Hmmm...yes. Value systems that aren't yours. What a perplexing thing, this work shit. I was at the beach last week hanging out with this traveling young guy and his girl. He was super nice and had a wonderful perspective. He denouncecd the title 'homeless,' because he honestly saw his situation as one who wishes to travel. He was telling me increadible things, like how he can generally cross a western state like California or Arizona in about a day, primarily by means of foot and hitch-hiking, with the occasional bus ride. I really dug his whole bent on exploration. It's like, this whole job/money thing is disposable, given that you have a powerful resolve to live by your own means. And, of course, a big knife.

I always imagine having an independant workshop where me and a few other dedicated people have one area to make unique, specialized moulding for frame work and fitting of artwork, and another area to concentrate on ceramics and pottery. Something humble and special. Frames and ceramics are just two ideas, but you can kinda see what I'm saying. I don't wanna work for the man forever. I wanna get some legit knowledge and format/create something that we would be able to pass on, like a generational thing, a trade where our knowledge and passion can be given to younger generations of family and friends. I don't see much of that kind of stuff. I like the classic, medieval idea of trades and guilds and tradition, though in this day/age, such concepts mostly come across as stiffling and dominating.

So yeah, the interviews today, and I'll get the job, no doubt.

2002-10-02 14:54:52 ET

Yo...went on interview. I think I got it. Whatever.

2002-10-02 19:21:40 ET

if you work at toys r us does that mean i can get some hookups to toys?

i have a soft spot for games. like guess who? im a champion at guess who?.

2002-10-03 10:28:05 ET

Hey Psuedo...I wrote this huge reply to you, and my computer died, so I'm gonna try to paraphrase what I had written.

I was thinking of a more intricate version of Guess Who that would include siblings and mothers/fathers. So, the process of elimination would grow to include questions such as "does he have a brother?" or "is his mom black?" or stuff like that. And there would be varying things, like certain people wouldn't have siblings, or no parents, or a combo of the two. And there would be a lot more people involved. So, for instance, if you asked the other player, "Does this person have siblings?" and that person said "no," you could eliminate all people who don't have siblings. Is this a lame idea? I kinda like it, but I think there may come a problem with political corectness somewhere, like if kids started asking things like, "Is this an illegitimate child?" or "Is this person of bi-racial descent?" Parents may not feel too comfortable with that.

Oh, and yeah, I got the job. And of course, if you need something, I can get it to you. You just let me know.

Hey Psuedo...what kind of stuff do you like to do in your spare time?

2002-10-03 16:33:38 ET

on the migrant 'non homeless' couple.. i couldnt do what they do unless i had a laptop.. then i'd need an even bigger knife.. but i think that taking off across the country on a motorcycle with a laptop (maybe doing web design?) would be cool...

2002-10-03 17:35:37 ET

guess who is racist.

notice how everyone is white. except anne. shes like hispanic or black and they made her into a mean woman that looks like a man!!

tsk. i think there should be different races.

i like your idea.
what about mole guess who? different moles with different colors and some are hairer than others!!

what do i do in my free time?

i dont have much free time naymore really.

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