felix da housecat
2002-10-03 00:11:04 ET

I'm listening to Felix Da Housecat right now, and it's really sounding good to me. I didn't anticipate him sounding like this, assuming that his style would perhaps be a bit more average. Instead, it's all, like, lo-tech futuristic style that sort of calls out to an almost nostalgic sound without being typical or predictable. It gives me an 80's-contempo* streamlined corporate-office decor feeling, with colors of light/dark biege mixed with green/black computer-interfaces and well-placed, soothing, low lighting. I would recommend it.

*(I said 'contempo' on purpose. I don't ever actually say that word.)

Today I feel kinda out of place. I think maybe it's because I took 3 hits off a cigerette yesterday night while out at a little coffee shop. That sounds really bitch-ass, but I don't underestimate the disgusting demonizing power of cigerettes anymore. YUCKY!

YUCKY! Hey, I have a skateboard named FUCKY! Yay Fucky! Actually, I got pictures of Fucky when I drew on it to disguise its true identity, for I do believe the punk kid I got it from jacked it from some poor little boy, who he probably hit or pushed around. That kid was rediculous, but he was such a good skater, and I liked his illegal-ness (he was, like, 17...I'm 23). It's because of this hellish nature from which this skateboard was contrived that I thought it befitting to name it "FUCKY," a word not technically fowl, for it does not really exist (as my friend Josh pointed out.)

Poor Fucky though...I hardely skate ever since I moved into this house. Don't know why.

I'm thai-erd. Goodnight and peace be upon us.

2002-10-03 00:17:40 ET

Felix Da Housecat rocks major bootie! I just bought a compilation of electo music wich included his track "happy hour" on the set. Hes fine work.

2002-10-03 10:06:29 ET

Yeah...hey, if you know of other music that sort of flows in that vein, I'm very interested. I'm not too heavy on music that sort of follows a pre-cut path, and I see this emergence of music that sort of follows the electro-funk sound, I.E. DMX Krew, Aux 88...sounds really tight to me, but it's kinda easy to read, know what I mean? Felix Da Housecat sounds authentic. So, if you're bored and you know of some artists that might fit into what I'm saying here, I'm all ears. Peace Leo.

2002-10-03 11:47:01 ET

I am a big fan of electo music. I Love the creativity and the authenticity of some of the artists in that style of music. Here is a few of the artists and some tracks I've come across you should look for:

Miss Kittin and the Hacker: Frank Sinatra,1982,Walking in the
Sunshine,Walk on By,Life on MTV
Sven Vath:Your Sweat[dein schweiss],Apricot,Pathfinder

Chicks on Speed:lush life,mind your own business,give me back my
man,panasonic,euro-trash girl
Green Velvet:Genedefekt

Peaches:"anything is good"


2002-10-11 18:18:06 ET

i suck at skateboarding. ive gradually grown better. like i can get on and go somehwerw without falling. in the beggining i would hit curbs and fly into the air. and once the board slipped out from under me and i ended up flashing my ex. it wasn't lovely.

experiences like that.. and the bruises remind me im just not meant for it.

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