Cloudy mornings
2002-10-18 10:04:49 ET

We've been having the most beautiful cloudy mornings lately. I love grey skies. I got Ritchie Hawtin playing while I'm getting my caffiene fix, and all is well.

It's moving time again. Got to be out of this splendid house by November 27. Me and my main man Josh are looking for apts 'round the hood. Looks like $750 is gonna be the range we're looking at, which means $425 a piece...a little more than I pay now, but I can hack it. That may mean a little less chronic on the side, but that's probably a good thing.

I'm totally optimistic about this move. I don't know why, but I always move around these times: end of year/middle of year. And it always seems to happen at the right moment. One thing I'm totally gonna dread is the volume level at apts. We bump everynight here, and that's how I like it. It's gonna suck having to deal with neighbors. Josh don't give a fuck...he plays his music as loud as he feels necessary. That's all good, but for some reason, it seems that I'm always the one who has to talk to the landlord or the cops, which is actually a skill I've gotten better at. Talking to pigs is hard at just gotta remember that their anatomy is very close to ours. That's why they're good to dissect. You can learn a lot from pig guts.

For real though, I think this is gonna be great. More fun, less complications. More space emotionaly. This whole time here, I've kinda felt like me and Josh have been the backbone while others are going off on their tangents of self-realization/exploration/whatever. That's kinda why we're moving...others are finding that they want to chill out for a while and kinda get away from other people. I don't see it that way at all. I don't wanna chill. I don't want to be isolated. I wanna get this shit moving! I want more people, more ideas, more creativity!

I'm excited! I'm gonna make something cool right now. Have a nice day!

2002-10-18 10:11:49 ET

started off philosophical
went in to life..
I like it..

2002-10-19 14:39:30 ET

where do you live? [haha. i just typed in where do WE live..and i was like wait.. id ont live with him]

good luck on the move. i like moving. i think of it as a chance to start over. it's good. change isn't always bad..even if i usually think it is. i mean change is inevitable except from vending machines...right?

people always think im crazy when i say il ove grey skies and clouds and rain. they always like the sun and what not.. maybe it's a reflection of my inner self. what i feel on the inside shows what i like in the skies.. maybe not. i think its beautiful.

and theres something about the air that makes it smell nicer and fresher too. maybe its just me.

2002-10-21 14:06:19 ET

I've always contemplated moving to northern cali/washington, for the sake of more rainy weather. I love clouds. I come from the desert and the rain there (when it does rain) smelled so fucking good. Desert rain is like in the top 3 smells for me. I don't know what the other two smells would be...the ocean...uh...suntan lotion on warm skin...uh....I'm not sure.

Yes...moving is good. I enjoy it. Thank you for the good luck. This move shouldn't be too hard, 'cause like I said, i'm moving in with my best friend, so...definately a chance to switch things up. Rearrange some things. I enjoy transition. I sometimes think I like change too much, but else is there to this life but change and transition?

Speaking of change, next year is the year I move to the city. Which city, I don't know, but I'z gots to be in the heart of it. I have some friends that live in west Hollywood, and I really like it there. Then I got other friends who say Berkely is tight. I don't know. How is it up north? I've only passed through cities like Sacramento and have flown into Oakland twice, so I really don't know. My other best friend lives in San Diego, but that's not city enough for me. I need a big fucking city, you know? Big buildings, ghettos of urban sprawl, smog sunsets.

I live in Fullerton, in Orange County. I haven't lived here for very long (since January), and I love this location. Lots of good stuff happening. I feel like finally I'm in a place where I can find legit thinkers and can forward ideas that I have inside of me. It's really positive.

Peace to you Pseudo.

2002-10-21 18:01:37 ET

well...washington for sure has rainier wetaher than northern ca [thats where im from] but SF always has it's always colder. i love how its cold there. i retreat to SF on hot days. its the best:)

rain in general is my favorite smell..night air.. i was int he car at like 12amish last night and theres something about the cold air blowing against your face and the smell of the air.. its peaceful and beautiful and makes you feel absolutely wonderful. it sort of enters me and fills me. i dont know.. but god, haha just thinking about it makes me smile. and i love sleeping when its raining. i curl up in my bed and listen to the rain hit my window and i smile. but i dont know.. sometimes i think abo9ut the people who arent as fortunate as me and sleep outside in the rain:(

thats true. life is basically changes. you would think that i would have accepted change by now but i havent. when i was younger i would probably move every year. my biggest move was moving to canada.

san diego is sucky. i dont like it too much.. i think you would love SF or berkeley.. you said you like the rain right? i doubt hollywood has too much of it. im not a big fan of L.A. really. something too fake about it. its convenient..but i dont know. i love the bay area. SF has the cold weather as ive mentioned but if you go south its sunny. and it has good shows and near berkeley. its somewhat costly..but so worth it. berkeley is pretty cool. its a very liberal hippyish [not as much as santa cruz] very interetsing place. i like it. but i love SF a lot more.

i actually know 2 people from fullerton. I met them in washington dc this summer. they were pretty cool. but for some reason i feel as if theres abigger reason as to why fullerton seems so familiar.

peace to you kid.

2002-10-21 18:08:11 ET

i live in the desert.. i love it when it rains...
Grew up in Washington.. beauty pure and simple..

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