on yet another blissful cloudy day
2002-10-21 13:29:14 ET

I'm sitting here, drinking all my friends' Smirnoff Ice (I normally don't vouch for this stuff, unless it's early in the morning...Smirnoff Ice with breakfast food is really good), on yet another blissful cloudy day.

I got some very loud Drum and Bass playing (some Ice Minus, Konflict, Source Direct, Genotype, Ed Rush/Optical...just in case someone wants to check the sound).

I'm browsing the internet, checkin' shit out, trying to find a software synth that can produce some tight sounds, while searching for a tasty meal recipe for me and my family. Ideas for either of these items is encouraged!

My nose is runny. I was playing with some animals today at a house where me and my friend were assembling furniture for some extra cash. I wish I didn't have allergies...I would love to have a couple creatures lurking. I think fish are my only safe bet, and that's alright with me. I love looking at fish; they seem to vibe on psychic waves.

All in all, I feel very content. I will miss this house.


2002-10-21 13:43:47 ET

thanx for the smirnoff & breakfast food tip.

2002-10-22 06:59:39 ET

good luck with the new apt.

2002-10-22 20:08:38 ET

I wonder how many people appreciate life like that.

2002-10-23 17:57:23 ET

the weirdest mornings i've ever had are the last mornings of my old house and knowing you might not see it again.

it's strangly sad but oddly comforting.

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