2002-10-23 18:57:49 ET

So yes, once again, I'm feeling very okay right now. Me and my best friend Josh went out to this one hang out called "Big Slice" and had some pizza and a couple pitchers of Anchor Steam beer. I love cooling out with a friend and being casual while having nice conversation.

I come home and (not to much suprise) there's drama. I seriously don't know why the fuck people have got to be so spontaneously emotional. Whatever.

Regardless, I feel nice. I got El-P playing loud, doing this journal.

I went out last night to the D&B club down the street. It was packed. Tech Itch rocked shit. I had a really good time. I love dancing all night long. I've met this friend Tracy. She's fun to hang out with. She hung out at my house the other night and we had some really good conversation on different things.

Here's a really good news site:

Anyway, I would like to smoke some pot now.

2002-10-23 19:02:56 ET

I feel I remember this background from somewhere else...when I was REALLY young...a cheesy video game.....

2002-10-24 16:56:17 ET

The colors kinda give me a Sega Master system feel. Have you ever seen that game Altered Beast?

I don't really like this picture that much. I like the colors...that's about it. Works as a background, not as a foreground.

2002-10-25 15:23:27 ET

I KNEW I recognize it from somewhere......
Do you still have the Sega Master system?
I remember the games crisp in my head but I don't know any of the names (probably because I was ... 6 when I owned the system?)

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