2002-10-30 10:51:48 ET

I love Aaliyah. I totally love her. That's one person who should not have died. That's a real tragedy right there. Other people die and I'm like "well, easy cum, easy go," but Aaliyah was so fucking unique and elegant. I remember hearing the news and being like "what the fuck man?" I don't see why or how such things happen. It demonstrates how precious this little thing called EXISTENCE is. Beautiful Aaliyah.

Yo...cloudy. I feel grey. I'm gonna keep bumping "One in a Million" and stay somber.


2002-10-30 15:03:38 ET

oh yes i know. she WAS super classy and beautiful. different. i always used to get that song of hers stuck in my head.. the one from dr doolittle. i remember the music video and her eyes always caught me.

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