2002-11-01 09:12:09 ET

Mmmm...last night's feast was fabulous. Crab Tacos! Look, I know it may sound kinda funky and smelly, but it was so damn good! That, along side some home-made french fries and some damn fine beer. Oh, and some Vicoden.

Vicoden, Vicoden, Vicoden. It's been coming around more and more, and far be it for me to deny pharmacuticals. I really don't like the concept though. I love opiates, but I don't like how acceptible Vicoden is. Everyone I know has hook ups for pharmaceuticals. It just kinda shows that this is a much different era than any before, an increasingly drug-friendly era. It's cool, but I don't ever see this trend mellowing out or being diverted into something else like organic alternatives or physical therapy or anything...just better drugs. Drugs, drugs, drugs!

I went to a chiropracter yesterday and got a free exam and some free x-rays. The doc said I'm all twisted and fucked up. My spines got a lot of curvature. My hips are out-of-line and I'm twisted to the right...this and that. It makes sense 'cause I've been in a couple serious accidents, one where I had to be air-lifted. I never got evaluated after any of those accidents 'cause I'm kinda an idiot and was too busy partying with my settlement money, but...Now is now, and I think I might chip in the cash to get an adjustment. It's like $36.

It feels good to go to the doctor. I wish I had some sort of insurance. I've actually checked out different welfare programs, but none apply to me. I really only need something that would allow me to get asthma medication. For about a year now I've been living on samples that I get from my friend's mom. That's all good, but that can't last forever. And as long as I maintain this healthy weed habit (not to mention my ongoing battle with cigerettes...YES, IT'S FUCKING GROSS, I KNOW!!!), I shall need support.

Man, I'm all fucked up. I started out good, and now I'm contorted and I can't breathe and I'm doing drugs. There's only one thing that can get me out of this limbo: JAMES BROWN.

(I've always wanted to get a portrait of James Brown tattooed on me one day. Something really cool, like from '73 or something)

2002-11-01 20:59:39 ET

But where would said tattoo go?
Oh yes, that's a rather interesting avatar you got there. I never thought Pokey, of all cartoon charaters would go around eating body parts :)

2002-11-05 20:19:31 ET

This pokey is fucking crazy. You should see him on a daily basis; he's always freaking out at shit. I got a lot of crazy, fucked up stuffed animals.

2002-11-06 11:46:45 ET

ha! do you want any of mine? upon packing for my move, i realized the most stuff i had took on some sort of crazy furry form.

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