2002-11-07 16:14:01 ET

Mmm...yes, wine. Chianti, aged from the drool year 1995, is what I'm drinking. Believe it or not, I got it for the bargain price of $3.99! Normally this shit goes for at least $4.75! Wow!

Yo, I'm a bargain hunter for real. I don't give a fuck about anything name-brand. There's always a generic cure. I'm like all into 99 cent stores and Big Lots and shit like that...fucking swap meets, thrift stores. I mean, I maintain...I'm not all fucking out-dated, but if not for these bargaining skillz I possess, I probably would be. I make my own food, find my own clothes, mow my fuckin lawn...I hate conveinence-oriented people; they seriously make me fucking sick.


2002-11-07 19:19:00 ET

haha..nice. lemme guess the big lots by commonwealth and state college in fullerton o-0 you should try beverages and more now that place is like a liver's worst nightmare.

2002-11-08 05:49:06 ET

The closer to a college campus, the cheaper the's like a weird law of physics.

2002-11-08 09:08:00 ET

Beverages and More! We like to call it Bevmo. That store is paradise on earth. What I like to do is go in there with a friend and theme-shop for beer. For instance, you can do Animal Beer and go for bottles with animals on them. Or Fun Beer! My favorite is to go for Satanic Beer! I love all beer with devils and demons and shit like that.

Yes, that Big Lots is wonderful. I'm kinda scared here...certain Big Lots seem to be losing that Pic n Save vibe, and that's part of what I cherished most. If the vibe dies, what about the prices; shall they rise? Will this spell the demise of the this cost-friendly enterprise? The idea alone brings a tear to my eye.

...please excuse me :(

2002-11-08 16:07:27 ET

lol..yes i'm quite familiar with bev mo;) and the next time i'm there i have to try that game. although i usually stick to things with cool looking bottles or stuff that's just going to get me shnookered;) i haven't been to that big lots in ages, used to hit it up when i got bored. definetly some pretty cool cheap finds once in awhile. and damn the man if he decides to raise prices!!!

2002-11-10 08:59:21 ET

Satanic beer? does it come in a necronomicaon blend?

2002-11-10 20:42:30 ET

the convenience of buying something cheap in order to work less is sickening me.

2002-11-11 12:14:34 ET

I totally wouldn't be suprised if there was a satanic beer that had a necronomicon blend. My fave evil beer is Arrogant Bastard.

Antony, are you referring to my purchasing of cheap alcohol in order to get faded and do nothing at a lower cost? If so, I'm sorry it makes you sick. It makes me sick as well. I felt terrible the next day!

I think I make a lot of girls sick by how cost-efficient I tend to be. But I'm talking 'bout making Fallafel and Hummus and some Couscous with some raw veggies on the side. It's cheap and it's really good as well as nutritious. Or never setting foot in any mall shopping center. Or opting for the subtitles instead of dubbing. Or prefering shift-stick over automatic. Or deciding not to have a car at all based on the financial stress it would entail. These are really dumb examples. I just like manually handling as much as I can, and if in that process I can work more effectively and not have to waste excess time, money, or energy, then why not?

But that's nasty to most people 'cause it seems to indicate lameness. If one doesn't have a car, then one doesn't have a right to love. I'm a bus rider, a street dweller, a cheap wine drinker. I don't know. I'm hungry.

2002-11-11 12:21:17 ET

But I am sure you couldn't be as cheap as me back then when I put chinese leftovers (beans and mince meat) in can cream soup in instant noodle...toppled over bread with leftover cheese (probably 3 different kinds) melted on top...for dinner.

2002-11-11 12:51:18 ET

God, that sounds fucking awesome. I'd love to eat that at 2:43am.

2002-11-11 15:19:12 ET

It was actually quite delicious, to tell you truth. I ended up doing that for over 2 weeks

2002-11-11 19:20:55 ET

well it's much easier to be a bus dweller in o.c. than lala land. trust me did it there also, and was quite happier when i moved to oc. cleaner, easier to use, and the people are a little nicer.

fallafel and hummus..yum :) but the shopping mall thing, i can't agree with, it goes against my nature. i love watching people and what better place to do it. it's like free entertainment.

2002-11-12 03:11:40 ET

That and the fact that malls suck, cars die and couscous keeps those nasty strokes away. I bet any amount of money even a glass of cheap wine a day is good for you.

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