2002-11-22 12:30:47 ET


(please excuse my language. I cuss like a drunken Exxon Oil vessel sailor when I'm happy.)


2002-11-22 18:22:00 ET

Fuck ya congrats! I am coping and slowly pulling myself out of the shit too. You know your only about 30 mins away from a couple of us maybe we should all get together and hang out when everything calms down.

2002-11-25 08:34:32 ET

NICE ONE!!! Maybe your house is close to "MY HOUSE???"
Heheh... *wink*

2002-11-25 13:49:53 ET

Yo excessive, that sounds like a fine idea. I'll be settled in like...uh...I don't think I'll ever be settled, but that okay with me. Uh...where do you live exactly?

Speaking of settled, I'm getting so tired of seeing grown-ups victimize young children and babies by using them as tools for settling. Too many people pop-off kids thinking that such maneuvers lead to a more responsible and maintained life, which is bullshit. One child doesn't do the trick, so they have four. Disgusting. I just don't understand. I always think of methods for population control, but the only conclusion I can reach on how to implicate such control is by means of some type of fascism that is able to dictate what type of civil liberties we are alotted. When I think this, I simultaneously think of how fascism isn't essentially a bad idea, and how democracy isn't essentially a good idea. Even a mandated Youth in Asia program wouldn't fly in this democratic society, but you can't hold abortion down. So, it's kinda like you're free to make and to take life, within reason, and no one can really deny you that right. I'm not saying deny a right to live or a right to die, but the right to create, especially with sporadic individuals who will keep a child alive for the meaningless sake of religious and/or cultural beliefs...I think that's wrong. I think that's how I'm still alive actually, 'cause my parents front on Christianity, but if I was never born, how would I know?

Uh...opinions on said topics are highly encouraged.

2002-12-08 15:07:53 ET

I can reply to this:
I always thought fascism is a good thing.
I read on a christian pamphlet that says "Now instead of the king having power to raise his tyranny and selfish wants, the power is basically handed down to "democracy", which lets EVERYONE become tyrant to their selfish wants" or something like that.

I don't know what's the standard to the term "stupidity" but I think some people should just DIE.

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