2002-11-26 17:47:42 ET

I am now moving. Must be out tonight. I have very much enjoyed my DSL access. Now it is back to dial-up. That being said, I shant visit this site as often, but I shall be present.

There's this ghetto apartment complex across the way from the complex I'm movning into that looks absolutely gorgeous. It's three stories high and looks really urban. I will enjoy looking at it. ANyways, I promised myself not to write on this site when I have an alcohol buzz, so I'm gonna go. Peace to everyone who visits this page.

2002-11-26 18:14:12 ET

I am on dial up and a computer that's old as hell and I don't have to much of a problem, just everynow and again it's slow, but for the most part it moves just fine.

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