Montel Williams, Breakfast, Funk, Kraftwerk, Breaks
2002-12-16 09:11:03 ET

Montel Williams is an asshole. He's always talking all this shit like he knows everything. Makes me upset. I need Jenny or Ricki at this morning hour.

Mmmm...nothing better than pita pocket sandwiches and chronic first thang in morning.

I don't work for four days.

I wish I knew someone who was really knowledgable on funk. I got this random funk song that's mixed with all these other funk songs, and I don't have the listing or anything, but I need to know 'cause this one song is fucking off the hook. The girl says all this James Brown-esqe shit, like "rock me baby-make my face get soakin' wet, rock me baby-'bout ta work me to death." The music sounds all hard and locked-down.

I love certain funk. I think it's like the best combo of ideas. Most of it's too 70s-steeze for me, but some funk really rocks my shit. I love hard, seriously-funky music. I like how funk rides on like one fucking groove forever. Funk beats the shit out of anything in its way.

I like how Kraftwerk said whatever like 'We wanna be the german version of James Brown.' Kraftwerk's down with James Brown.

Another thing about funk is the breaks. Tons of fucked-up breaks, solid grooves, unbelievable percussion. I love drums. I'm so intrigued by percussion. Speaking of which, I think it's time for me to get on that and make some beats.

If you like funk and you know stuff, please talk to me.

2002-12-16 09:14:02 ET

re: Amen Brother... THE WINSTONS.
:) The birth of breakbeat.

I sadly can't place your mystery lyric though...
Sounds like an eatin' pussy song. Hahaha

2002-12-16 09:30:45 ET

A har har har! That's exactly what that song is! Perfect.

Aye mate, the Winstons. That break is unbelievable to listen to. I'm always astounded just 'cause that shits' been in perpetual animation for like centuries. There's probably like 2,467,251 amen breaks occuring right now as I type this.

If you ever need funk breaks, I find this site helpful:

2002-12-16 09:45:25 ET

Hmm... * not evern pertaining to what your talking about * My aunt was on Jenny Jones....

2002-12-24 18:02:42 ET

don't recognize the lyric, but if I could hear the groove it might ring a bell...

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