On a winter's summer day
2003-01-04 15:55:04 ET

Ahhh...isn't this global warming so pleasant? I could've sworn it was July. By the way, July is my fave month 'cause I'm a Cancer crab boy. And 13 is my favorite number. I was born on Friday the 13, 1979.

I'm feeling okay. I'm home alone tonight. All my friends are off to San Diego to visit my other friends who live there. I would've loved to go, but I'z gots to work tommorow.

What is it about somber emotions that feels somewhat comforting? To me, I feel a sort-of wholeness when I feel sad. I think it depends on the type of sadness.

*I cut out a whole mushy part right here in order to save time and cut down on expenses.

...I'm solitary. It's not like the best route of life for me or anything, but for the most part, I'm cool with and prefer being independant. There's just those certain individuals who really touch you.

But whatever.

I started skating again. That's part of my salvation. Sounds really cheesy to most, but whatever. It's another form of art that I dable with. Just like cooking. Or like taking a shower. Or like walking alongside a busy mainstreet. Or thinking of great ideas while you're at work. Or hooking up stereo equipment. Or smoking pot, that-of-which I do believe I shall partake.

Peace to everyone who understands where I'm coming from, or can relate in any way. And peace to those who don't.

2003-01-04 16:04:06 ET

Cancers own.

2003-01-04 16:36:58 ET

i'm apparently quite compatible with cancers. im a pisces.

2003-01-04 16:47:10 ET

ACK! it's too warm around here personally

2003-01-04 18:38:16 ET

I think it's too warm everywhere. I always think of the ice caps and imagine all the polar bears dying or sweating or being uncomfortable. I don't want polar bears to be uncomfortable. Or penguins. I LOVE PENGUINS! I wanna play with a penguin in a penguin playland! It'd be all sculpted-ice with cold water pools and lots of ice slides and herring fish or whatever the fuck penguins eat.

I have tons of Pisces friends. Pisces make me optimistic.

2003-01-05 14:51:45 ET

<3 <3 <3

2003-01-05 15:55:33 ET

thinking of it.......my ex has the same birthday as you. we were quite compatible.

i should take you a picture of my penguin pajamas because i have a penguin fetish. they make my heart melt.

defunkt-if you ever want to run away, lets run away to antartica. home of polar bears and penguins. because i like both of them alot. it will be really cold.but thats what heated blankets are for:)

how do pisces make you optimistic?

2003-01-06 05:50:44 ET

Scorpio fits me. Dark, moody, holds a jealous grudge like a mofo.
Yet at the same time, I am a rather nice, not so oversexed person.
Either way, writing has always proved my best therapy.

2003-01-07 10:20:52 ET

i have two scorpio friends, and they are both writers, as well as dark and moody, but not like the stupid type of dark and moody. Good people. Direct and aware. It seems scorpios stand their ground without having to be on the defense.

Pisces make me optimistic 'cause I feel like I can roll with them so easily. There's something in the pisces nature that I totally feel comfortable with. I can let out imaginative shit onto a pisces and they seem to know what to do with it, like turn it into something that sort of completes the idea. Most of my friends are pisces and cancers. People of these signs feel warm and lovable to me.

I'm a total dork on astrology, and I really like this site 'cause they give you a hassle-free star-chart and all that shit: astro.com. I find it much more effective to know all your signs instead of just your sun sign.

Feel free to send any and all penguin-pajama-pics =D

2003-01-08 03:07:23 ET

I was actually trying to look for all my planetary signs...and I wondered if one could make up such a chart and find the person who is the astro-opposite of all. Bet it would be pretty scary.

2003-01-08 04:32:23 ET

Holy cow -
I just drew my chart for the first time.
It's absolutely SCARY how accurate it was. I feel like it was
my MOM talking to me. Hahahah...

Gemini with Leo Rising. Watch yourself... :)

2003-01-08 07:22:47 ET

Scorpio leo rising with Aries moon. just a walking contradiction as the song goes :)

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