2003-01-07 10:02:29 ET

Here's a new strategy. To some, it may seem self-evident. To some, everything seems self-evident.

I shall get up earlier so that I may have more time to waste. Like today, I woke up at 8:00am, and felt totally free to do wasteful things without encroaching upon the prime time of my day, which would be something like 11:00am to 9:00pm.

Autechre is so fabulous.

It's hurricane weather here in So Cal. It's odd. I'm gonna walk to the library again today so that I can read as well as absorb this unique wind. The desert where I used to live was always windy and it sucked and I hated it and it made me wanna commit suicide, but it's never windy in Orange County, so now I kinda like it.

I wish I could make a kite-type airplane of somesort so I could fly around all day and look at the earth from 200 feet up. As a pre-pubesent teen, I used to have a reoccuring dream involving me hang-gliding while simultaneously having sex with different people. I can still remember these magical dreams. You know how they have those training sessions where a person is on top of you or whatever to help guide the hang-glider? It'd be like that, with the added bonus of getting freaky. Of course it'd be risky, but wouldn't it also be beautiful if you were, like, over some water off the coast of the Dominican Republic or Cuba or something?

Okay, must strike out at this day and do what's needed. Peace.

2003-01-07 10:31:50 ET

Autechre is best. did you get the Gantz Graf DVD yet? It rules.

2003-01-07 10:41:32 ET

Oh my god. That shit is so fucking increadible! Autechre is straight-up the most avante-garde shit out there. I love it.

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