Domestic like Donna Reed muthafuckaz
2003-01-10 10:07:28 ET

You ever have the greatest time cleaning the house? I do, especially after 5 cups of coffee! I get straight-up tweeker on that piece. My bathroom so fucking sterile, you can eat off the floor. Ahh...all sparkly and shiny.

I'm listening to Tech Itch "Immortal Soul" e.p. I know it's utterly pointless to talk about D&B on this site, but still, I'z gots to express my love! This e.p. is probably close to three years old, and it still rocks fucking hard. I like drum&bass that sounds like a nuclear meltdown. Tech Itch totally brings the noise. I like the meltdown-sound, or subtle and intricate drum&bass, like Polar. Mmm...Polar.

I really don't know why there's all these kids on this site who listen to grips of industrial, but don't give a fuck about d&b. How could one deny the beauty of the supreme, aggressive, intelligent, future sound of drum & bass? I've always felt that much of the d&b sound is influenced by and borrowed from the classic industrial shit. The hardness, the moodiness, the eclectic soundscape.

Then again, I think industrial as a genre is dead as fuck. The ethics and ideas of OG industrial still continue to influence, but the modern-day shit I hear is, for the most part, totally wack. I just think it's lame. Industrial was all about innovation and sound exploration, not this stigmatized, overtly-emotional, wimpy pretty-boy shit. I don't know.

Please, if you read this post and get pissed off and/or think I'm way off-base, then reply with knowledge. I'm open to new sounds and new ideas. If you can show me some modern-day industrial that is actually decent, I will try it out with an open mind.

Okay, I gotta go and work out before work. Peace.

2003-01-10 10:55:00 ET

Then again, I think industrial as a genre is dead as fuck. The ethics and ideas of OG industrial still continue to influence, but the modern-day shit I hear is, for the most part, totally wack. I just think it's lame. Industrial was all about innovation and sound exploration, not this stigmatized, overtly-emotional, wimpy pretty-boy shit. I don't know.
WORD UM UP brotha. I don't like almost everything new. It bores the hell out of me.
I also enjoy a good cleaning fest.
AND YES--people need to calm the hell down sometimes when they read an opinion they don't like. This is a forum for fun and jokes and opinions and whatever, but not for snide little self-rightous arguments. I think that's why so many people are disatisfied with the amount of youngins on here, because many of them have a hard time controlling their emotions when someone insults something they like. But I think it's also the need to prove you are knowledgable at a young age. When I was a teen (which wasn't that long ago, but DAMN how much shit has changed) I often felt a conviction to prove my greater amount of knowledge than the next jerky kid because I was insecure. In fact, I think every teenager in America is insecure. So that being said, "calm the hell down" to all who have a problem with calming the hell down.

2003-01-10 13:23:15 ET

I also agree about industrial being dead. Skinny Puppy was the last industrial band in my opinion. Nothing since them has really innovated at all, just repeated the same ideas and themes over and over. It seems that none of the bands appearing on the scene display any hope for change. All of them follow the wumpscut/vac style of music which is getting stale.
Perhaps in the next decade or so, there will be some radical technology advances, and that will lead to a new breed of industrial. Industrial Records relied on the latest technology, maybe the new wave of industrial will too?

2003-01-10 20:07:06 ET

You guys are really cool. I'm happy to reap such well-informed replies.

Yes Dan, you are right. And I must admit that I was a very opinionated little tike, though most of my angst was directed towards jocks and homophobes. Still, even then, dorky industrial nerds pissed me off. All elitist and arrogant. Yucky.

Word factory. You know what I'm saying. And you're right about the Industrial Records thing, which is really my premise here, seeing as how Throbbing Gristle coined the phrase and epitomized the idea. All those bad-ass 70s motherfuckers were striving to innovate new sounds and totally define new angles/dynamics, utilizing the ever-increasing possiblities of technology.

Industrial music ever since Skinny Puppy has really gone to shit. I mean, like, straight pussy-ass dork shit.

Peace to y'all.

2003-01-12 15:18:46 ET

i think the industrial genre pretty much died, but like you said branched out into all these other genres. synthpoop, idm, ebm, power noise, noise, cold wave, dark wave..blah..blah..blah,not trying to sound elite, because in the end i bunch it up into stuff with guitars, stuff without, stuff with whiny vocals, stuff without. as for rivets getting pissy about d&b, i mean it really does depend on what they listen to, most power noise and noise is very d&b and jungle driven. but if they're the we like guitars in our industrial types(which i'm not) then of course they're going to get defensive and for the innovative factor, mechanized started a thread about whether or not club music killed the industrial scene, it was pretty interesting.

so hey if i make you like a pot of coffee would you come over and clean my house?

2003-01-12 15:22:08 ET

I have a friend who is convinced Front 242 killed industrial music by making it danceable.

2003-01-12 15:22:46 ET

ok that is an interesting tell.

2003-01-13 04:13:01 ET

sinthetik1: I agree that we should just bunch everything up. why, not a few days ago I was attempting to contribute to another memebers' discussion on emo people and bands and I mentioned "At the Drive In." Well if I didn't see every 15 year old member go hog wild over my "mis-diagnosis", saying all these lame ass labels of what that bands really is and how wrong I am and all of tha t adolecent garbage that seems really important when you're in high school but then quickly becomes as ancient of an issue as the Giza Pyramids. People need to calm the fuck down and just call everything "Rock, jazz, pop, rap, folk, or classical." In fact, everyone should just say "Music." Haha, that would be awesome.

2003-01-13 14:13:12 ET

Dan- exactly, when asked what i like to listen to i say music,it may mainly be of the electronic genre, but i listen to a little bit of everything including emo*gasp*

2003-01-13 15:52:38 ET

(note from editor: Daniel doesn't feel very verbose at this present time; he's hungry and wants to drink a beer, but is adhering to an "only-on-weekends" drinking policy, which he finds irksome. The editor acknowledges the fact that "irksome" may not be a real word, but asks the reader to stop being so fucking literal, if, in fact, the reader recognizes that the word/term/phrase "irksome" may not exist.)

Sinthetik: Yeah, no problem. As long as your house isn't all fucking moldy and you're not a pack-rat. Well, actually, it's cool if you're a pack-rat, as long as you're cool with me throwing out everything I deem worthless. And yo, I do wish to emmulate Donna Reed, but please don't make me dress like Donna Reed (note from editor: Daniel has worn womans' panties in the past, and does find them rather uncomfortable and unsuitable to the male anatomy). Where do you live exactly? (Editor's note: Daniel is car-less)

As for music stuff,'s all good. You can look at my music list and get a gist of what I'm into. It's all music. Actually, it's all noise. And once again, we find ourselves getting into the philosophy of what may be deemed Industrial, in that it recognizes that music is formulated (or seemingly formulated) noise. As John Lydon once said, "if you can make the same noise twice, that's music." I love John Lydon. I often wonder why the hell PIL went to shit. Probably Bill Laswell and his bitch-ass production. Bill Laswell is such a bitch, and he's kicked it with funky muthafuckaz, including William Burroughs and George Clinton. If you don't know who Bill Laswell is, don't bother. Just know that he's a pussy (Note from editor: Daniel is quite fond of deragatory remarks of the sexually degrading nature. He uses these remarks in the knowledge that the people he speaks them to understand that he doesn't normally mean them literally, and that they're just words that don't really fucking matter anyways).

My editor is such a mack-dad. I don't even know who the fuck hired him. Fuck, I don't even know if it's a guy or girl. Must just be my chi or some shit.

2003-01-13 16:09:41 ET

Isn't John Lydon Johnny Rotten from the sex pistols?

2003-01-13 16:24:47 ET

faktory- yes one in the same.

2003-01-13 16:30:22 ET

De Funkt Darling-i really need one of those editors also, quite handy;) house is not moldy,and i'm not a pack rat. the only thing i collect are toys(of the non-sexual nature). i have absolutely no urge to dress you up like a chic, i've dated many a cross dresser in my time, and lost tons of clothing because of them. i also agree whole-heartedly on the panty thing, it makes me uncomfortable just thinking about it. unfortunately at the moment, i live in riverside, so i would have to pick you up, hmmmm. i will have to get back to you on that one.

2003-01-13 18:27:59 ET

Johnny Rotten is fabulous. I always want to draw when I see pictures or film of him.

Sint: You live in Riverside? I know folk down dem parts. Shorry bout dat cross-dreshin' thang; just had to clear the air. Speaking of clearing the air, I'm really high right now, so please excuse what may seem to be schitzophrenia (ed's note: Daniel does not know how to know....that s-k-i-t-z-o you can see, I don't either).

I do have the capability of getting to Riverside, but it would involve pain and a lot of bloodshed. Actually, I've made a semi-vow to not venture in that general direction for a while. I spent the x-mas day in the high desert AND IT WAS WRETCHED! Riverside's alright.

I have many a memory from that general vicinity. Most good, some not-so-good. I think the not-so-good experiences outway the mostly-good experiences. I know that's not very logical, but whatever. I don't know. I just get a sad feeling when I go anywhere in Riverside or San Bernardino County. Growing up near those places, I have many memories, many of which consist of like failed dreams and missed opportunities. I don't know. Like, I get optimistic, and at the same time, I get very down-trodden. It gives me an emotional roller-coaster feeling.

Okay, so like this letter is getting way too fucking heavy not to mention boring. But yo, if you do need a cleaner, I'm here!

(editor: Daniel means no offense by talking about these regions in what may seem an unfavorable and slanderous mannor. Daniel recognizes that 'it ain't where ya from, it's where ya at' and that in every place there is much more good than bad.)

Oh, one thing though is the beautiful Rancho Cucamonga (uh...) smog-infested sunsets! Yummy!

2003-01-13 20:29:27 ET's ok doll, i wouldn't want to drag anyone back into these parts. hell i don't want to be in these parts. i miss l.a. like crazy, fullerton and the orange curtain well they have their moments also. regarding the house i figure i'll just go and visit my friend's apartment in la habra, few minutes in their filth and my pad will seem all spic and span ;)

2003-01-13 21:15:31 ET

Hey, Laswell's Material stuff is some killer shit.

for the most part, I think industrial has gone stale. It's all either wussy synthpop shite (VNV Nation) or repetative drivel that rips off Leather Strip all the time (:wumpscut:). I think there's a place in the world for synthpop, but it's not in the industrial scene.

There are exceptions: haujobb and it's sundry side projects have pushed the boundaries so far that you can't even pin a genre on them... naturally most rivethead kids don't "get" them. Since they don't rip off Skinny Puppy or Leather Strip, it's hard for the standard yabbos to get them. You should check out their cd 'Solutions for a Small Planet.'

Interestingly enough, Daniel Meier, the main guy in haujobb is really well respected in the german drum and bass scene as well.

Another good industrial artist to check out is Gridlock. If you ever wondered what Skinny Puppy and Aphex Twin would sound like together....

There are a few others: Lassigue Bendthaus has been around since the late 80s, but have always been consistantly unusual. Forma Tadre has a unique sound, 242 meets ambient...

I could go on for a long time here, this is kind of a hot button issue with me. I love industrial for what it was, but really, change or die. The aesthetic still calls to me... but there's not much life left in the old girl.

(shameless plug: I'm doing my part to try and stop this. my band's vebsite is here. We're trying to be industrial without being too derivative. I'd love ot have your opinion)

And on a side note, I fucking *LOVE* drum n bass. There are a few other users here (Death by Design, Storm) that share a love of industrial and drum and bass too.

np: Photek- The Fifth Column

2003-01-14 04:17:23 ET

Doktor: I agree that Haujobb is a great band and they are undefinable.

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