2003-01-23 19:49:23 ET

I've joined this awesome figurative drawing class in college. I found myself a tiny bit stressed from the work I was doing in class, so on break, I opted to walk around.

As I was wandering through the school campus, I stumbled upon the area where they study plants and botanicals and whatever. I've never seen this area before, for it is well hidden. So I walked into this fenced off area, feeling really cool 'cause it was dark and I felt like I'd get in trouble or something, and I saw a flower growing from a tree.

As I approached this tree, I noticed more and more flowers of the same type. Beautiful yellow flowers, big and welcoming. I put my face up to the flower and smelled what I think is the most beautiful smell I've ever encountered.

The smell was so delicate and pure. I stayed with my face in this flower for what turned out to be 15 minutes, inhaling with my nose and mouth so that I may taste as well as smell this aroma that was so subtle yet entirely captivating.

Oftentimes, beautiful smells make me think of beautiful objects, such as women, or places, or whatever. This smell worked me over. It took my frontal mind away and illuminated my heart. I gently thought of delicacy and how it seems that such delicacy is rarely manufactured, rarely presupposed or intentionaly brought fourth. Delicacy is something that happens unintentionally, something that is inherent, natural, and beautiful for no reason.

It was nice and it helped me.

(I didn't cuss once on this post! WOW!)

2003-01-23 19:59:27 ET

people forget the importance of the sense of smell.....

There was a girl, i was in love with (still am in love with).

She stayed the night. Slept in one of my shirts. This was in july. I still haven't washed it.

It smells like vanilla.

2003-01-23 20:03:13 ET

Mmmm...sounds bitter-sweet. Don't love stuff like that?

2003-01-23 20:14:30 ET

oh yes. complex relationships lead to suffering. and suffering leads to great art.

2003-01-24 05:38:55 ET

A long time ago, when I was about 15, I was dating this guy and I loved the way he smelled. It would stay on me all day after I hugged him. I even kept a pair of his pants under my pillow because they smelled like him. Then after that went to hell, when I was 17 I sarted dating another boy. He smelled like a dentist office, but I still liked it. Soemtimes I'll be walking down the street and catch a smell that reminds me of one of them, and I will spin around for a second, thinking they are there.
My boyfriend now, Willis...he don't smell like nothin'. Maybe that's why it's working so well. :)

2003-01-24 07:20:14 ET

for some reason while reading this i had an episode of the smurfs running through my head(smurfette gets caught up in a beauty of flower..blah..blah..blah.) i love the way certain men smell, and how their scent will stay on your clothes, gives me a warm tingling feeling.

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