2003-02-06 13:55:57 ET

Days like this make it really hard to be sad.

No need for the horoscope telling me about the future today. I can feel the good fortune of sunshine fall from the comsic ocean sky.

The weather, both terrestrial and extraterrestrial, is guided by the same positive forces that compel my inner-soul.

Oh, but grey skies doth lay ahead. Yes, for the day of St. Valentine is sure to yield dark clouds and potential rainfall.

Let me note that I haven't been in ANY type of intimate relationship for like one year and two months, or some shit. And I can't really say that it's been bad or is bad. I would love to be close to someone, and perhaps I will sometime again. I'm okay with that...for the most part.

So anways, the rainfall I mentioned above will not come from the sky, but from a bottle of wine. Valentine's Day is the best excuse to drink!

Cheers to all!

2003-02-06 14:57:57 ET

today was a beautiful day :) i woke up to snow...lovely lovely stuff. it makes almost anywhere look beautiful.

yes..rainfall..i think i'm going to hibernate this 14th...crawl under the blankies and pretend it's not happening. since no one is around to thrown an anti-vday party i'm going to sink away.

but cheers to you :)

2003-02-07 04:10:17 ET


2003-02-07 19:26:51 ET

I feel much the same about lacking a significant other. I've grown somewhat indiferent though. I'm comfortable. There are certain aspects as you've said that I too miss about being in a relationship. Hmmmm...at least I won't be spending this v-day alone at home. I'll be in NY!!!:D Probably doing some boozing of my own!hehe I need to get you's and Josh's new address. Every time I drive by OC I think about stopping in but I keep forgetting my damned phone book.

2003-02-08 20:31:30 ET

YO...you're going to the NYC? To live? WOW! Yo, I'll mail you the directions right now homegirly.

2003-02-08 21:31:33 ET

lol...nah. Not to live. Just to visit. Maybe if I like it enough I'd consider it at some point.:) Thanx for the directions though hopefully after I get back I'll get a chance to stop by. What are Wed, Thurs, and Fri's like for you guys?

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