2003-02-10 07:34:17 ET

Isn't it fucking wonderful when you write a long and compassionate entry about life and it gets deleted? That's always a nice painful little experience, especially in the morning.

How precious this life is. Or, you can make that statement into a question and change the whole connotation: How precious is this life? I feel both right now.

Skynet, a drum/bass fave of mine, is playing this Tuesday at a club nearby, so I've decided to go and dance and drink after school. Actually, I decided to do that earlier this week anyways, so this works out well.

I wanna go read something that works on my mind today. I need to work out my brain. So I shall commence for now. Peace.

(PS: I be lovin Green Velvet right now)

2003-02-10 07:37:47 ET

All that sounds good :)

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