a Cure quote, a Morrissey quote, some shit about rain....whatever...I don't think anyone under the a
2003-02-11 07:17:38 ET

"The way the rain comes down hard, that's how I feel inside."

I remember when my good friend David introduced himself by slipping me a piece a paper with this quote and his phone number as he brushed by me in a hallway on a rainy day like today. Yo, that was like seven fucking years ago. Jesus Christ. "Oh, where did all the time go? Once always in on the kill. Now it's too cold and he feels too old."

I love slipping precariously through rain. It's gonna be a monster bitch getting to school via bus today. And I hope Skynet is still cool tonight.

I'm gonna take a nice fucking shower, drink some coffee, put on a nice sweater, and get the fuck out. Have I mentioned that I have a wonderful umbrella? Yes, I love to sport my umbrella. It's got a beautiufl print of Klimt's 'The Kiss' on it. My friend got it for me for xmas a few years back.

Woah...need to stop these mindless posts.

I'm gonna get all hyped up and consume this day and night, or let it consume me.

2003-02-11 07:24:31 ET

I sued to have these great umbrellas, I had three with Monet and 2 Renior---and I lost them all because I'm a dumbass.
Today does seem like a nice day to get cozy...too bad I'm on the 39th floor of boredom.

2003-02-11 10:11:42 ET

mindless posts are the best..but i've yet to read one of yours that really seems mindless.
today will be a wonderful day, but instead of rain I have snow...which is a bit colder but makes this place seem livable.
Any time I think of rain I think of 'Paris street, Rainy day' wonderful painting...I think I've mentioned it before...you can see how obsessed I am..ha.
anyway...cheers to a good day!

2003-02-11 13:35:04 ET

I do like the dynamic angle of that picture that you CONSTANTLY refer to (j/k!). I think it's kinda interesting to consider the era from which this picture was made. I can't recall too many images from the era that resemble the detail, the realism, and the true-to-life color of this painting. To me, rain typically takes on a very glossy, wet, reflective look, so this is interesting in that the picture sort of has an equating matte flatness. It's as though the dreariness of rain sort of overwelms the look while not inflicting itself upon the subjectivity of the image, meaning I don't get depressed when viewing this piece. I like how it's a rain scene with flat color and total realism, and yet it maintains a healthy liveliness. So yo, that's my eyes.

Yo Danny, you know what'd be ill? A Francis Bacon umbrella. Or a Heironymus Bosch umbrella. That'd be the shit, 'the Garden of Earthly Delights' all on that shit like 'Rrrrr.'

That'd be great to collect umbrellas, especially if you lived in a rainy-area. I don't really, but I would love to.

So yo, if I moved, where should I move? Where's the best places you guys have been to? Where's your favorite place? I don't have to move soon, but just for thought, I'd like to get some ideas.

In fact, I'm just gonna make a new post.

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