One big fucking ill-grammatical post
2003-02-16 19:27:19 ET

Yo, went to a tight underground art show last night. That shit was awesome. I met a lot of really cool people and got to talk to the artists behind shit. Free beer and wine too! I gave a nice donation.

There was this one kid there named Daniel that had such a beautiful complexion. I was drunk and I couldn't help but tell him how much I loved looking at him. I got the oppourtunity to get to know more about my friend Regina who invited us. She's like one of those people that you feel like you already know and it ain't no fucking thang. I love people like that.

Anyways, I hope people call my number. I wanna party with these kids more often. I'm stupid 'cause I was dishing my digits, but I didn't get anyone elses. That kid Daniel makes music and says it's in the vein of Tortoise, which is really nice. Like, going for sound textures. I wanna get involved with that sound.

Anyways, so it got me all hyped. I need to eat some fucking Gorditas that my room-mate Josh made. Mmmmmm!!!

2003-02-16 19:34:20 ET

seems everyone has a josh...oddness must be a popular name..or a popular group of guys

sorry randomness

2003-02-17 06:13:30 ET

That sounds like a good time! Cheers!

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