2003-02-20 06:49:30 ET

Final portion of my dream: I visit a whore house located right on the side of some busy street in some building. Lots of naked sweaty boys. Lots of totally subserviant, crying women who generally layed silent and motionless while guys humped them at normal speeds. I was really turned off by the general scene, as well as smell. I mean, I was just trying to have a good time and get it on. I didn't want to inflict too much emotional damage. There were a couple of older women who seem like maybe they could handle it without crying. I even saw my friend Joel humping someone. I think he was doing okay 'cause the girl wasn't in tears. Pretty gross dream.

So, on that, I think I better finish my beer from last night before I go to school.

HAVE A BEAUTIFUL DAY to whoever reads this shyte!

2003-02-20 07:05:57 ET

wow smells and all. i don't think i've had a dream that vivid before in my life. hope you have a beautiful day too doll ;)

2003-02-20 07:11:40 ET

Oh man....I jsut had a physical reaction from that description of your dream.......a bad one.

I hope your day is beautiful too, and not even remotely close to as horrible as that particular scene.

2003-02-20 12:47:06 ET

My day is beautiful, but I now got this horrible urge to ditch my last class and go to the beach! I really need some input on this matter, so if someone reads this, please help me. I'm retarded and can't make decisions without a tarot deck. (Eww...I just sounded really wiccan)

I'm sorry to cause such discomfort. My dream prior to that moment involved this really awesome awards ceremony, like in elementary school, except that it was all red and kinda hellish looking, in a good way. Maybe the whorehouse idea was a kind of celebration.

I would like to imagine a nice whorehouse, but they'd have to somehow screen for, like, wierdo shit. Or maybe categorize more specifically. Is this a totally repulsive idea?

2003-02-20 17:53:20 ET

with all the sex dreams i've been having lately nothing sounds repulsive. wow, that sounds really bad. hope you decided to head out to the beach, it was really pretty there today :)

2003-02-20 18:17:16 ET

You've been having a lot of sex dreams? I love phases like that. When I lived in a house, I had sex dreams almost every night! It was so fantastic! Good ones...all vivid and clear. I got it on with everyone that I've ever wanted to and more!

Damn it, I didn't go to the beach...or class. My friend got rear-ended today, so I stuck around and went to pick up his car and blah-blah-excuse-blah. I don't really feel bad though.

So, what kind of stuff happens in your dreams?

2003-02-21 08:21:04 ET

let's see last night's dream, i picked up a friend visiting from the air port, went to a great hotel overlooking the beach in san diego. A girl i used to know from my club days shows up, we end up in a hot tub and it was a wonderful threesome. then i woke up from the dream. hate having to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.nothing really exciting,bizarre, or unusual, mildly disappointed by that one.

sorry to hear about your friend's car.

2003-02-21 11:27:12 ET

That dream (Defunkts original) sounds STINKY! Was it that salty, thick stench?


haha. Ooo I wish I could remember my dreams these days! I Keep waking up in cold sweats, but not remember what the heck i was dreaming about!

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