2003-02-25 13:22:13 ET

Yo, fuck Vicoden. I had a really bad hangover yesterday, so I kept popping pills. Today I wake up and I feel like I fucking did Cocaine last weekend or some shit. And it doesn't even feel that great while you're on it. It's all weak and yet psychological, cause you end up taking 4 hits, then you're hooked for the rest of the day. That's the whole reason I don't fuck with Cocaine in the first place. FUNK DAT.

I seriously don't understand why so many people are on that crap. And I also don't get why we can't just do opium? It tastes a lot better and feels great and even kinda has a cool aesthetic to it. Stupid fucking double-standards.

2003-02-25 13:37:17 ET

cocaine is wack y0. i have an ex boyfriend whos addicted to the shit. he let himself go after that too. damn shame. :P

2003-02-25 14:40:30 ET

Cocaine is lame. It's another one of these drugs that seem to play to certain personality types. I've really never got into coke 'cause it didn't do much for me. Then again, I've done a lot of drugs and haven't really followed through habitually with any besides Mary J(which I have mixed feelings about).

Actually, what are your feelings on weed, or on drugs in general? Do you do drugs, or have you in the past? (I'm not asking for you to recall painful memories and/or emotions [unless you want to]. I'm starting to learn that many people aren't as easy going with such subject matters as I am).

I think drugs are really interesting. All aspects.

2003-02-25 15:27:55 ET

seee!@ told you you're always high when you talk to me<3.

2003-02-25 15:44:13 ET

i feel that drugs especially weed is highly overrated. i have nothing against drug use but when people have their lives revolve around it, its really annoying. but ive been there, done that. it doesnt do much for me.

2003-02-25 16:18:50 ET

I love me some ecstasy, mushrooms, lsd... I like the things that make my mind expand and help my creativity flow. I like to wake up the next day feeling all ate up and start writing poems or working on tracks. The best feeling.

2003-02-25 17:05:57 ET

well, just like there's absolutely no benefit to cigs, yet it's the top 3 leading causes of death and related deaths because people consume so goddamn much of it...

2003-02-25 19:37:51 ET

I <3 drugs

in moderation of course.
self medication is the best!

2003-02-25 19:43:39 ET

heheh, praveen, you and I need to get together, get fuxxored and make some tracks.

2003-02-25 19:46:55 ET

hahahaha I KNOW! :D Actually, to be honest, i'm least productive music wise when im fucked up!! Too much to think about and i'm so much less critical that most of the shit i do is craaaap. BUT, there's always that brief spout of genious that warrants another hit ;)

2003-02-25 19:57:38 ET

i like just spewing out a bunch of random nonsense and then picking through it the next day for worthwhile stuff.


2003-02-25 19:57:57 ET

hahaha exactly!!!

2003-02-27 13:43:34 ET

I haven't done psychadelics in a while now. Psychadelics are the hardest thing to think about. I know about fucking with your synapses, but I mean the other aspects, like the spirituality involved.

It's undeniable that on such substances, you can reach a total other realm that always makes sense and is very real feeling, much more than the thought-tunnel you live in every day. It kinda knocks out the duality of everything. And to almost everyone I know, this effect has totally changed everything about their thought-process, to the point where it's like when you did acid you reached enlightenment or talked to god or whatever...I mean, that's how it's talked about and that's how it feels. I remember first seeing the clouds in the sky when I was 15 years old.

Nevertheless, it's interesting to see how this happens. It's almost like a magic potion. In fact, that's what it is.

2003-02-27 13:45:54 ET

Hi, my name's Praveen and i'm addicted to drugs.


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