Oh Ricki, where art thy humble heaviness of yore? (Warning: lame post ahead)
2003-03-10 16:20:20 ET

That's right, Ricki's turning into a biotch and I ain't down with it. I miss the sweet Ricki. Maybe it's just her style this season, that big, powerful BBW look. Every season, she busts a new steeze. I don't like the look this season.

However, I'm still on that Jenny Jones shyte.

I say all this not feeling repulsive 'cause I know that I watch about 1.5 hours of television A MONTH. I hate TV, but I love Jenny and Ricki, and "when I say I'm in love, you better believe I'm in love L.U.V!"

The topic today was dirty bitches who get with men only for the money. Fucking mean women! It's like that one TLC song, or that one Destiny's Child song, or whatever. Gives me low self-esteem, in a I-don't-really-give-a-fuck-kind-of-way.

I'm part of that potatoe-eating family from that old-school Van Gogh painting.

I see a lot of money around here in Fullerton and for the most part it doesn't really fill me with any zest. Cars, houses, styles...that's all really nice stuff and power to the people who work for it. That's about all I can say 'bout that. I recognize that if I want it, I can have it. I'm just kinda don't want it right now.

For the first half of last year, I was working an average of about 42 hours a week. Funk dat. I was making over $1200 a month, but life sucked cause I couldn't do anything, besides drink and smoke weed after work. Funk dat. I'd rather be poor and semi-content than not poor and totally discontent.

THE PRIMARY DRAWBACK IS TRAVEL!!! I want to travel! I want to travel everywhere, but it's so fucking hard to save money and get time off from work! ARRRR!!! What to do?!?!

Oh well, got all psyched on that Ricki tip...

If anyone, ANY-JUAN has read this far, give me your address and I'll send you some money....or something to the equivalant degree.


2003-03-10 17:20:07 ET

im going to spain this summer :P

2003-03-11 04:43:44 ET

I read it. I ca't believe you watch those shows...you seem more like a Chrocodile Hunter kind of a guy.

2003-03-11 05:32:05 ET


2003-03-11 06:45:19 ET

Hey hey...Whoa there Danny! =D Actually, I've never seen that show, but I used to play with the toy when I worked at a toy store and it always astonished me that anyone would buy something so stupid. It was one of those figures where you can't bend the arms and the face looks totally far-removed from what it's modeled after and it says three stupid phrases that suck. There are a lot of stupid toys and there are a lot of stupid kids. Do you guys remember that Ren and Stimpy episode with 'Happy Happy, Joy Joy?" Do you remember the part where the guy who sings is going off and he says something like "ahh the creatures of nature...they don't know they're ugly."

I think my love of Ricki and Jenny started when I was neck-deep in unemployment and depression, eating all my parents food and smoking all my old girlfriend's weed. Jenny and Ricki were like the only optimistic people I had in my life. Whoa...that really sucks. I promise to kill myself if it ever gets that bad again.

Hey, so you guys don't want any money or anything?

2003-03-11 06:47:07 ET

i want money. gimmie gimmie. about $100 should secure my viewing of your page for about a year ;)

2003-03-11 06:56:17 ET

Well, how about I give you the scientific notation-equivalant (uh...what Daniel?...)

No, like, how about I give you 1.0(2) dollars instead?

(God damn...why am I offering money?)

Okay, how about something I do have...uh, like blood? Semen? (Yo Daniel, relax you wieneer!)

2003-03-11 06:57:38 ET

(The last part of that post almost looks like [Yo Daniel, relax your wieneer] Note that there is no "r" that the end of 'you.' Thanks.)

2003-03-11 07:04:22 ET



2003-03-11 07:12:46 ET

I'll take money...lots of it.

2003-03-12 06:12:57 ET

Okay, I was lying...I ain't got no money, just a whole bunch of L.U.V!

That'd be cool though if you were around some gross jock guys and you could be like, "yo man, relax the wieneer."

2003-03-12 06:15:10 ET

Hahahaha, WOW! That's is a good one; I can't believe I haven't thought of that myself. I'm going to start putting that into circulation.

2003-03-12 06:30:24 ET

Please do...it's needed. A lot of men are getting a little too intense, if you know what I mean.

2003-03-12 06:32:36 ET

Men need to shut up and get back in the kitchen.

2003-03-12 06:33:06 ET

YO!!! That IS fucking good :D hahahahaha

yo man, relax the weiner

2003-03-12 06:36:47 ET

DATS RIGHT DANNY! I know a lot of men who know how to cook really good! Men like that hearty shit. They add flava and aren't afraid to indulge in taste (overgeneralization, but you know what I'm sayin...)

Also, at house parties, I like to hang out in the kitchen. It's always a strong area for talking and drinking and stuff.

2003-03-12 06:47:06 ET

I personally like hanging out in the bathroom, because it's a strong area for....going to the bathroom.

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