No drink=ENERGY!
2003-03-12 06:24:13 ET

I'm trying to get through another week of no drinky-drink. It's kinda tuff at night, but damn, the mornings are so much better! I get up and I'm like,


My roomate tallied up what we drank last week and it totalled to 96 bottles, including a bottle of 1997 Cabernet Savignon.
To be exact:
-24 Sierra Nevada
-24 Bass
-24 Samuel Adams
-12 Molson
-12 Rolling rock
-6 George Killians
-6 Hefeweizen
-6 Newcastle
-1 Quake (good stuff, 8.5%)
-1 Cabernet Savignon

So actually, that's more than 96...that's more like 108. So, for the both of us, that's about 8 beers a night each, assuming that one of the nights was dedicated to wine. Mmmm!

I love drinking. The problem is that I'm POOR and I have a liver and a limited supply of enzymes. Other than the health/economic consequenses, I wouldn't give a fuck.

Yo, I'm just being honest. I gots problems with being a LUSH. (I've always wanted to change my name to LUSH. I think that's such a cool name)

2003-03-12 06:27:05 ET

I'm glad you stopped drinking, for a meriade of reasons.

2003-03-12 06:42:26 ET

I'm actually attempting to not smoke pot this week. I feel you brotha' ;) I haven't drank regularly since my DWI... I can't even remember the last time I went to a bar to get drunk...

2003-03-12 06:43:51 ET

Yo, not smoking pot is really tuff. I need to focus on that pretty soon here. I smoke way too much.

2003-03-12 06:44:38 ET

That's a really hard thing to good luck keeping it up :) and congrats for even trying.

that goes for praveen friend keeps "giving up" pot for a while..apparently it's harder then he thinks it is, but well worth it each time he does..

2003-03-12 06:47:19 ET

Pot gives me an outside perspective on myself. It removes me from my primary mode of thought. At least that's how I feel. So that's sort of the problem, that I look to this removal all too often.

2003-03-12 06:48:46 ET

All you need to do is get arrested and thrown in jail, like me, then you'll never smoke pot again.......well I didn't anyway.

2003-03-12 06:49:39 ET lurks in my future.

2003-03-12 06:52:25 ET

It's the worst, especially in Chicago in the winter over night by yourself after riding in a paddywagon with a legitimate crack whore.

2003-03-12 07:17:20 ET

Hey, I don't judge. Defunkt, if you like to drink than more power to you.

DanPratt: They threw you in jail for pot? You must have had alot on you, because I don't think they can arrest you if you're just carrying a small portion.

2003-03-12 07:17:51 ET

wow. i'm impressed by the amount of booze you can consume, my liver got all happy just reading that list...hehe. although, couldn't do most of that list. can't drink beer, long story. but good for you, it's definitely a tough thing to do. you're a true lush when there's a bottle of vodka in the medicine cabinet, and you have a car bar named barney;)

2003-03-12 07:20:28 ET

No, I got arrested because I was smoking it in my dorm room, like a fucking moron. But HEY, that's what happenes when you are a pothead, you do moronic things. I'm glad it happened though, because I'm totally clean now. But I don't care if other people smoke weed; I don't think there is anything wrong per se with weed. I just needed a wake-up call; I was doing more than just smoking weed at the time.

2003-03-12 07:31:03 ET

Hey that's what college kids do. At the junior college I used to do that with a few people. We would hide from ther rest of the campus. Or not, once this really cute stoner girl just busted out her shiz in the middle of the quad.

I hope they legalize it in the near future. It seems a bit ridiculous that alcohol is legal and marijuana's not. I guess that's part of the reason why I joined the Hemp club on campus.

2003-03-12 07:41:48 ET

Yea, alcohol is 10000000 times more destructive than marijuana.

2003-03-12 14:50:27 ET

I'm thinking about joining the Hemp club at my school. It seems like a reasonable thing to do. I don't know what clubs are like though, so I'm a tad-bit intimidated. (lame Daniel! LAME!)

2003-03-12 16:15:55 ET

(A head hung in shame)

Uh...I just bought some beer.

(A head hung drunk)

2003-03-12 16:47:13 ET




2003-03-12 19:34:46 ET

That's cool. I'm not very active with the clubs either. Part of the reason why I joined was because I was friends with the president of it. When he left I pretty much didn't do anything else until recently, when I joined the Political Awareness club! Awww yea!

2003-03-13 04:11:25 ET

I'm in the "End commuting by ending commuters" club, heh heh heh.

2003-03-13 06:04:44 ET

HEY! I'm a commuter sucka!

2003-03-13 06:16:23 ET

Me too, that why I want them all to PERISH IN FLAME!

2003-03-13 06:48:01 ET

hahaha. Dude, whats with the whole appocalyptic thing today ;)



2003-03-13 06:58:26 ET

Dude, I'm all about the sentances of biblical proportions.

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