2003-03-17 08:25:33 ET

I don't know how I'm feeling. I need to work this bug that's been implanted. My friend Vanessa (who used to be my longtime girlfriend) was telling me some shit last night about what happened to her and this one pervert guy who was driving her home after going to some bullshit club last Friday and blah blah...anyways, it was hardcore shit and it really really really pissed me off. Like, I haven't felt that internal anger for a while.

Like, the whole conversation just kind of died after that 'cause I really felt incapable of talking about anything standard. It's already hard for me to maintain an equal sort of emotional balance when I talk to her, but it's worth the struggle because she's still a person who I care about. I want to be able to be a true friend and have real conversation without any emotional distress. That's not my place anymore. Now I have this thing inside me and I DON'T WANT IT.

I don't understand the male species. I don't understand how so many men are fucked up and servile and disgusting. After hearing about all sorts of wretched shit that men pull on girls, I feel so low to be a man. Every girl I know can attest to terrible experiences involving perverted self-indulgant violation from various men and it makes me angry. Why the fuck do so many men have to be so fucking indecent?

I feel like I have no sense of pride in how I'm molded or how I think. I feel ashamed just to be me without even considering who I am at heart.

I'm really bothered and I don't know how to calm my mind. I feel antagonized and challenged and very sad.

So, hopefuly a bike-ride will help. =(

2003-03-17 08:33:47 ET

Awww, sweetness! Don't be sad!!! Here's a funny picture:

The guy in the picture is just like, "What the F?!?"
I'm sorry your friend went through something that sounds potentially relaly bad. You are right though; it's hard to find a girl that hasn't been taken advantage of.....myself included. My dad told me not too long ago that if the planet was irradicated of heterosexual men, it would be a better place.
what can keep your spirits up, however, is that you are an acception to the norm and can always be an acception to the norm.

2003-03-17 08:37:02 ET

humans are animals; the animal kingdom is not a friendly place; evolution is not pretty; we are products of it.

when we forget that, we slip, and let those who remember take advantage of it.

2003-03-17 08:37:21 ET

Defunkt:When it comes to the battle of the sexes... I think that women are far much more manipulative and evil then men.

2003-03-17 08:41:51 ET

Praveen: No Offense, because I like you, but men are far far FAR more horrendous to women than women are to men. There is really no argument.

schlagzeug: I don't really understand your point...are you justifying a man's assault on a woman as part of our evolutionary destiny?

2003-03-17 09:01:41 ET

of course I'm not justifying it; I'm pointing out that justice is a man-made invention.

2003-03-17 09:15:00 ET

everyone is equally worthless in this world though.

2003-03-17 09:18:05 ET

we're allowed to create any interpretation of reality that we want; 'quality' is a completely subjective thing.

2003-03-17 13:46:36 ET

I'm not really down with the whole "we are just a bunch of fucking animals" way of looking at and explaining things.

There's too much fucking brutality that can be prevented and that's the bottom line. This animal instinct/kingdom idea you have is a total cop-out to the fact that the typical person is given a faculty of reason and logic in order to make sense of things. Be it subjectivity and/or objectivity, logic creates us and makes us distinctly human. That's why this shit is so fucking disgusting. Why do so many men cling to that "natural selection" shit? So they can violate? So they can permit totally inexcusable behavior? "We're just a bunch of monkeys"...that's stupid.

You say we live in this chaotic "jungle" basically where nothing seems to be under our control, but strictly under the control of "evolution." I say that perspective is devoid of any value, a la bullshit.

When it comes to something as human-specific as the animosity between sexes, there's nothing animalistic about it, at least not in the classic connotation in which you try to frame it, and any such comparisons and/or analogies equate to very little. This ain't no fucking National Geographic special on animal sex, this is your mom getting fucked at an early age...this is your sister, your girlfriend...your boyfriends' mom getting violated. If you're cool with that, then....

I'm not content with philosophies that lead to 'nothing.' And I'm not content with how things are between man and womyn. I think it's a bad scenerio and it needs to stop.

But yo, thanks Dan for the yummy picture!

2003-03-17 14:02:43 ET

i never said i liked any of it; and i agree that we are given logic and reason. i also agree that as social creatures we depend largely on social justice and balances.

it just bothers me when people are suprised that we are capable of this shit. or that 'Man' is somehow above it. that's the kind of thinking that puts it under the table or in the closet where it shouldn't be.

2003-03-18 09:12:30 ET

big words on everyone....

2003-03-21 22:12:16 ET

I agree to an extent. We are animals, thus we have some natural instincts. However, we have the ability to think and reason which seperates us from the rest of the animals. We can exert a great amount of control over our "hedonistic instincts". However, a lot of what we do and how we react is simply biological.

What we percieve as being moral and ethical is completely subjective to our social standards. Of course, there are many "universals", but some of the things we see as being "barbaric" and "inhumane" are seen as completely valid in other cultures and societies. Its all cultural relevance.

Yes, almost any female (myself included) has had some sort of a "terrible experience involving perverted self-indulgant violation from various men"; however, I am sure just about any male can attest to having some similar negative experience with a female. Women can be just as bad as men, trust me, I know some that are. But there are exceptions for males and females. Both sexes can be incredibly scandalous, just more often than not in different ways.

Take solely agression and acts of agression in children. From age two and onward, boys tend to be noticebly more physically agressive than girls. However, it is being shown that girls engage in equal rates of "relational agression", for example, girls spread rumors, ignore other and exclude them from activities. These, surprisingly enough, are acts of agression.

2003-03-23 17:26:35 ET

i want to have sex with EVERYTHING!!!!! RRRRRRAAAARRRRRRR


2003-03-24 18:16:36 ET

My thing is that I'm sick of this sexual identity that all men have. It's like everyone assumes that men have a biological reason for thinking and acting the way they do, BUT THEY DON'T! Men don't think these ideas of fucking all the time because of hormones. We think these things because we have been taught to think this way. We're expected to act this way. Society encourages this activity. It's a matter of control and male-domination. Men do have the capability of changing the way they think regardless of culture. Why is it that everyone's cool with patchriarcy? I say fuck that shit.

2003-03-24 19:02:53 ET

i dunno man. im a mommas boy but i still have the libido of a chimpanzee with balls the size of texas.

2003-03-24 19:08:34 ET


2003-03-25 04:09:33 ET

You're right, DeFunkt....you are absolutely right.....socialization is everyones worst enemy and most people don't even realize for 5 seconds of their life that they are a part of the continuum as long as they write off behaviors...as another sk.net memeber said regarding certain things about herself, "I know we have natural tendanies for ancesteral reasons, but no what people? It's called PROGESS."

You iz a smart pattycake, Sir Danial.

2003-03-25 07:03:34 ET

tanks a lot Danny...you'z a smart little cookie yrshelf.

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