25 hours
2003-05-02 09:41:04 ET

Being the stoned passenger in a car flying on the freeway at 2:30 a.m. listening to the new Autechre album 'Draft 7.30' is the best. Autechre is like the most beautifully intricate music I've ever heard.

My friend took me to this bad-ass diner that's open "25 hours." I had an omelet at like 3:00am this morning that weighed, like, 11 pounds or something. Mmmmmm!

Uh...so...god-willing, I'll be checking out Oakland and/or Berkely in, like, 3 weeks. My friend Josh (not roomate) is planning on going up there for a day or two and wants me to go. AND I WANT TO GO SO MUTHAFUCKIN' BAD! So, I'm gonna let my boss know today that I'm gonna request a weekend off really soon. Then I'm gonna check North Cali.

I really wanna make this happen...I need a break from OC and everything...plus this school sememester will be completed. It'll be a fabulous drive too, I know it! Josh is totally a person I trust at the wheel, especially when we'z smoking and listening to super-loud music. YES!!! THE 5 FREEWAY!!!

I've been enjoying compressed charcoal lately. I'm getting the exact line definition that I'm looking for. Form-wise, everything seems to come together in a broad-ranging yet minimal fashion. No specific details, just graceful, sensual gesture. That's what I'm really striving for with my art: grace and sensuality.

(I know you can't really tell by the drawings in my gallery...I need to change those...they're like over 5 years old. They're all I got on disk)

ANYWAYS...time to live. Peace.

2003-05-02 09:44:38 ET

Sounds splended! I can't wait to see your other art work.
And I too am a huge fan of 3am breakfast...actually, I like eating breakfast food all day.
If you go to the Bay Area, check out Lafayette....that's where this foo called moi grew up.

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